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55 gallon set up

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Hello everyone,

     As I am still a novice with fish keeping I was hoping for some advice I have a 55 gallon cycled and would like to fill it with either african cichlids or a couple South Americans. What does everyone think would be a good stock of an aquarium this size?  My initial thought is 1 or 2 severums with a pleco of some type  or 10-15 Africans with some syno petricolas. 



Thanks for the advice ina advance, 


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I like the idea of the africans. I'd go with a male peacock tank of several species, you'll get some great colors. 


Here's a bit of a starter list, you'll have to adjust for what you can find for sale. 

Aulonocara German Red

Aulonocara maulana 

Protomelas Stevani

Aulonocara Rubescens Ruby Red

Aulonocara maylandia

Aulonocara stuartgranti (usisya, ngara, cobue)

Aulonocara lwanda

Copadichromis trewavasae


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If you like plants then Asian or South American (or a mix) fish would be a better choice. Plecos, cories, tetras, and (dwarf) cichlids would give you an infinite set of choices based on your interest. If you like to see territorial or breeding behaviour get a cichlid pair. If you rather avoid any aggression just get one or a few of the same sex. Plecos, cories, and tetras, as well as German and Bolivian rams are typically available in LFS. Some apistogramma can be found in stores with a bit more effort or obtained by internet order or local breeders like myself. Severums and some other mid-sized cichlids are also reasonably common in stores.
Asian fish include the danios, loaches, other catfish and more 'centerpiece fish' like gouramis that could be used instead of cichlids. It really depends on your taste and what is available when you visit the stores.

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I agree with MBOOKER,

Show tank all males peacocks, even some peaceful haps, would look great. If you go only peacocks I'd 15 is a nice number.

If you want to mix peacocks and haps, I would say 10,as the haps get a bit bigger than peacocks.

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