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Well, I've been following the forum a while now, and figured I should say, "Hello." I'm from near Lethbridge and a couple close friends have helped get me into the hobby, I know at least one is on here somewhere... ;-) I started keeping fish in early 2016 and I never would have imagined I would enjoy it this much.  We currently have five tanks in the house now (10, 30,40,55, and we are currently keeping a variety of freshwater fish, and my wife is dabbling in the world of saltwater as well. My son enjoys keeping convicts and jewel cichlids in his personal tank in his room. What a great way to teach responsibility. ;-)

Lately I've been quite intrigued by fancy plecos lately, as well as the various geo-species. We currently keep severum (they spawned and now I have babies, yay!), angelfish, ropefish, acara, apollo sharks, and clown loaches to name a few (4 tanks at home, and one in my office at work.) 

Looking forward to perhaps being a bit more involved, as I start to get a better grasp on the hobby. 


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You remind me of myself when I first got into fish. Before I knew it I had 13 aquariums of various sizes. I now have only 6 tanks but they are much larger these days........

Convict cichlids were among my first fish and they are quite the fish indeed. It is an addictive hobby because there are just too many interesting fish!!!!

I too recently started using this site. It seems ok so far althought not too much content on african cichlids (my specialty)



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