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Currently Breeding:

Marble Sailfin Molly

Marble Molly

Dalmatian Molly

Silver Molly

Black Molly

Currently Keeping:

1 Blue/Black/Red Crowntail Betta male

1 Red Crowntail Betta male

hi, how much are you asking for your mollies?

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16 Sunshine Guppies

7 Baby Blue Guppies

2 Assorted Guppies

4 Gold/black Mollys

2 Dwarf Gouramis

3 Red Finned shark

1 ~ Pleco

1 ~ Catfish

~ Assassin Snails

~ Nerite Snails

~ Apple Snails

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I'll play.

3 Salvinis

2 Firemouths

5 Convict Cichlids

1 Jack Dempsey

2 Eclipse Cats

1 Texas Cichlid

4 Bolivian Red Rams

1 Angelfish

20 Flame Tetras

10 Neon Tetras

9 Bronze Corydoras

1 BN Pleco

Edited by jeremoose

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90 G fish stockings

4 Gold Ram Cichlid (2 F , 1 M & 1 M long finned)

1 Dwarf Plecos

3 Julii Cory

6 Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish

10 Bloodfin Tetra

1 Otto

5-6 Amano Shrimp

Unknown number of Red cherry shrimp could be all gone

20 G Stocking list

Guppies ( 11 F & 4 M)

Red Cherry Shrimp ( unknown number)

Hang on the side breeder Tank

20+ approx 2 weeks old guppy fry

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just started breeding ;

Albino Lyretails

Kuhako Swordtails

SailfinTuxedo Swordtails

Red Alpha Swordtails and Lyretails

Red wag Swordtails

Hifin Sunset variatus

Got ;

1 90 gal tank

1 60 gal tank

1 35 gal tank

4 20 gal plastic tubs

4 35 gal plastic tubs

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I'll add to this.

Fish I Have:

Tiger Barb (regular, green and albino)

Red Tail Black Shark


Clown Pleco

Celestial Pearl Danio

False Julii Corydoras


Scarlet Badis

Tropheus Duboisi 'Maswa'

Eretmodus Cyanostictus

Kribensis are currently spawning and all fry will need rehoming. Looking to start breeding CPD's soon if there's any interest

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3m 3f Labidochromis caeruleus "Ruarwe" (Orange Labs) - currently breeding with 16 fry growing out

12 juv F1 Pundamilia nyererei "Makobe Island" (Super Reds) - growing out

13 juv Pseudotropheus acei "Yellow-tail" (Msuli or Luwala) - growing out

3m 1f Synodontis multipunctatus "Burundi" (Cuckoo Catfish) - female is separated at the moment

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2 Rainbow shark (1 albino, 1 not)

2 Bala Shark

4 Albino tetra

1 Twig catfish

6 Khuli loach

1 yo yo loach

9 guppy 5 female 4 male and fry

5 Platy 3 female 2 male and fry

6 ghost shrimp

2 Fire shrimp

1 dwarf clawed frog

2 African clawed frog and tadpoles

3 blue lobster

6 Axolotl's 

and snails

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As of July 17, 2017

A. baenschi (waiting for males)
A. macmasteri (bred & raised, now 2nd generation)
A. ortegai (raising fry)
A. norberti (raising fry)
A. rubrolineata (raising fry)
A. pantalone
A. panduro (bred & raised)
A. sp. Melgar (spawned but no success breeding yet)
A. allpahuayo
A. eremnopyge (spawned & free-swimming but no full success yet)
A. sp. Abacaxis
A. barlowi cf 'Hauswell' (waiting for females)
A. sp. Oregon (waiting for females)

Other cichlids
Dicrossus filamentosus (spawned & wrigglers but not successfully raised yet)
Dicrossus maculatus
Bujurquina sp. ?
Geophagus steindachneri cf 'gold dust' (may be undescribed new species)

N. mortenthaleri
N. rubrocaudatus
N. beckfordi (a few fry raised without my help)
N. harrisoni
N. espei
N. marginatus
N. marylinae
N. eques

Pyrrhulina australis (bred & raised just a few)
Hyphessobrycon metae
Hyphessobrycon sweglesi
Hemiodus gracilis
Crenuchus spilurus
Axelrodi riesei

Siamese algae eaters (to be sold)
Otocinclus sp.
Paraotocinclus sp. 'Vampire oto'
Corydoras adolfoi
Brochis splendens
Poecilia reticulatus (Guppies)
Xiphophorus variatus (platy)
Jordanella floridae (American flag fish)
Some kind of native Alberta fish fry that sneaked in with some plants (illegal but unintentional)

Cherry shrimp
Amano shrimp
Ramshorn snail
Pond snail
Batman snail
Some kind of nerite snail
Hydra (only when feeding baby brine shrimp)

Life food
vinegar worms
micro worms
grindal worms
white worms
red wriggler worms
ostracods (outside in pond)
fruit flies

Plants (probably incomplete)
Echinodorus bleheri
E. 'Scarlet snake'
E. 'Ocelot'
E. '?' (need to check)
Helanthium tenellum (aka Echinodorus tenellus)
H. quadricostatus
Mayaca fluviatilis
Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Eicchornia crassipes
Eicchornia diversifolia
Myriophyllum brasiliense
Riccia fluitans (also some collected in native Alberta creek)
Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan'
Some kind(s) of moss
Something that grew out of the moss
Limnobium laeviatum (Frogbit)
Salvinia natans
S. oblongifolia

Native plants
Star duckweed
Common bladderwort (Utricularia vulgaris)
Sagittaria cuneata
Some Potamogeton species yet to be determined.

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