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Found 8 results

  1. Water circulation overkill?

    Hey guys, I hope this is the right area for this question. I have a 120 gallon tank and I am using 2 eheim 2217 for filtration I also have a 1850gph wavemaker circulation pump. My tank has juvenile cichlids about 20 of them and yesterday I seen a Cichlid had died by getting sucked against the intake of the wavemaker. I have since stopped using it. I am wondering if it is too overkill for that size of tank or if that was just bad luck and is a rare occurance. It had been running with that pump for a few weeks with no issues. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! The pump is a kedsum I ordered off amazon.
  2. I have a 55 gallon tank with a 10", 8", 6" and 5" comet goldfish. The filter is the marineland penguin bio wheel 350 that came with the tank and until recently was performing very well. I was using some pellet food that were left over from our fish pond that came with the house but when I went to replace them a few weeks ago I learned they stopped making that brand a number of years ago (sorry fish, I didn't realize your food was so old). So about 6-8 weeks ago I moved to a quality food (NorthFin Goldfish 3mm slow sinking pellet). The fish go crazy for it but in that short time they all grew significantly bigger and with that they produce more waste even though I'm actually giving them less volume of pellets in a day (following NorthFin's recommended amount). The problem is the penguin filter "clogs" up now enough to restrict flow that I can't even make it week before at least one of the bio wheels stop turning. I'm thinking this filter is not enough for the load these fish produce. I should note I change 40% of the water weekly. I'm thinking a canister filter would be the best option for me and I was leaning towards the Penn Plex Cascade Canister 1000 filter which is supposed to be good for 100 gallon tanks (so pretty much double the amount of water in my tank). However because comets are such dirty fish and they just keep on growing I wonder if I should not be going for the 1500 which is what they recommend for a 200 gallon tank and with that I have more room for bio media in the filter. I'm also hoping this one canister filter can completely replace the penguin filter. I thought about running two but I don't really like the idea of doubling the amount of filters I need to clean. Is it a bad idea to go too big? I'm also thinking I might try running the canister filter without any active charcoal in it as well - is that a bad idea with goldfish?
  3. Does anyone have any experience with stainless steel filter guards? I'm currently using a sponge filter, but it takes up a lot of space and also gets grunge-y quite quickly while in my planted tank. I'd like to replace it with something smaller, but also still safe for shrimp fry. I've seen a couple people in the US using stainless steel guards that seem to be made out of really small mesh that then just slides over the intake pipe. They look really nice and easy to maintain. Has anyone used something similar, or know if something similar is sold locally (or even in Canada)? Thanks!
  4. Leaking Api Nexx Filter!

    So I acquired a 55 gallon tank complete with a number of different kinds of cichlids and everything to go with them including an API nexx filter. I've had it for about 3 months now and it runs great except I did a filter change tonight and it decided it didn't want to seal anymore. I've heard of the same issues with these filters but was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them? As it is I ran out in a panic and bought an Ehiem ecco 60 but when I got back the nexx was no longer leaking. I'm going on holidays for a week and am a bit nervous of leaving it if it's faulty. Any help greatly appreciated!!
  5. I have a 5 gallon non-planted tank with 3 little African Dwarf frogs. I'm currently using a small Cascade HOB (Cascade 20, I think) filter with a sponge pre-filter to keep little legs and feet safe. However, I'm getting a ton of particulate matter floating around in the tank, which obviously isn't getting past the sponge. Can anyone suggest a better method of protecting froggies from the intake, that will still allow some mechanical filtration to happen?
  6. Hydor Filter

    Hey guys just bought a hydor 250 pro and I thought I'd just say I love this filter super quiet and my water is sparkling !!!! Great filter for the price !
  7. Filter Flow Rate - Too High?

    It is true that contemporary power filters (hang on type) have filter medium too small and the flow rate too high (for marketing and sales reasons) and would benefit from decreasing the flow and doubling the amount of media?
  8. hello this is my frist time trying to plant a tank and i want to do it proper so i need to know what i should get before i buy the plants. all i know is that i need substrat,good light, and co2,what else would be a good idea and what do some of you recommand?