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  2. Killifish eggs

    Fred Guy at the Calgary Aquarium Society I think still breeds them
  3. Drain Flies In My Filter

    Did you ever get rid of the drain flies? I’m having this issue now
  4. Killifish eggs

    Did you ever find a place in Canada that sold eggs?
  5. Wondering if anyone can recommend a place that is able to make a custom glass lid for an aquarium? Are there many places or people that do custom aquariums?
  6. Last week
  7. Hi, I am looking for brainstorming ideas on filtration for a fish rack. I will be consolidating my existing stand-alone tanks running HOBs and FX6/FX5 into tanks suitable for a rack and keeping planted discus, goldfish, and a divided shrimp tank primarily on it. It will be near my living room so noise levels should be minimal. Rack will be Husky 77"L x 24"W https://www.google.com/shopping/product/11132586973800395377?lsf=seller:6472097,store:6421897208254707720,lsfqd:0&prds=oid:5831625693435483271,hsec:specs&q=Husky 77-inch W x 24-inch D Industrial Strength Welded Storage Rack With Wire Deck in Black&hl=en&ei=od6NWtn_CtGqjQPlkq7wCw&lsft=gclid:EAIaIQobChMI3ePCkvS32QIVC0BpCh1Gsw63EAYYAyABEgJio_D_BwE Any suggestions or links are welcome! Thank you
  8. LF for a Aquarium stand

    I can build them but I live in Edmonton. Kinda far for you...
  9. Hello

    Hello and welcome to AA.
  10. LF for a Aquarium stand

    Hi there, Is there any place can make a aquarium stand? Thanks.
  11. Hi there, I am looking for Endlers livebearers both M/F. Plz, contact me.
  12. Hello

    Hi there, I just joined this community. I am currently having Guppy/Platy/Cory. Thanks.
  13. I don't think callamanas host in snails. I'd remove your rabbits.
  14. Hello My community tank has a callmanus worm outbreak, which will be treated with Levamisole hydrochloride. Info is scant on how Levamisole affects snails. I've found info saying that rams and pond snails will survive and that MTS won't. I have rabbit snails and nerite snails. Does anyone have lived experience on the impact of Levamisole on rabbit and nerite snails? If I separate them for the treatment and then return them to the tank, I am afraid that they will re-introduce the Callamanus. Charles Harrison, the 'guru' of this treatment will only say "Snails are at a disadvantage." This does not help me much with what to do... Thank you!
  15. I recently acquired a baby razorback musk turtle, which I have setup in a 10 gallon aquarium. I'm not looking to house it with any fish yet, but when it's time to upsize it, it's moving into my 55 gallon aquarium, which will become a turtle tank. This tank currently houses a smorgasbord of fish. Clown loaches, giant danios, lelupi cichlids, synodontis catfish, bristlenose plecostomus... I'm strongly thinking of getting a long, short tank (like a 25g long) for the cichlids and synodontis cats, and moving them to their own setup, but how do you figure the rest will fare with a mostly aquatic turtle? 3 loaches, 3 danios, 3 plecos (all full grown but the loaches - 2 are 6", one is 4". The plecos are small though; maybe 2.5-3") in what will likely be approximately 30 gallons of water, filtered by a canister filter. This is my first turtle. I know it may eat the fish once it's big enough, but what is your experience? I've seen videos of lots of turtles homed with all variety of fish. I'm thinking I'll just give it a try and see what happens. I might just rehome them all though. The turtle is the size of a loonie currently, so there's plenty of time still. I would like to know your experiences with turtles and fish though (or any turtle experience for that matter). What worked; what didn't. Things you would recommend, and things to stay away from. It's a pretty interesting reptile, and spends nearly all it's time in the water. Pretty easy transition from fish. I'm looking forward to it getting used to it's setup and not swimming away and hiding anytime I get too close!
  16. Hello! I am Back Again!

    That sounds interesting. I am trying to decide on a couple of different species as breeding groups or a male only tank. I really like the mbuna, peacocks and haps.......as thats what's readily available at most LFS's. I was looking at the Tanganyikan and Victoria fish as well. I get confused after a few hours of looking and researching. What is your favourite mbuna? I noticed a fish the other day, I am thinking its a peacock.....Otopharynx tetrastigma....wow
  17. Wild Caught Frontosa Mpimbwe

    In the six foot, 135 gallon. But in the fall due to a fish tank mishap, they had to spend a month in a 90 gallon. I felt bad for them, they had no rock or fancy stuff - but to my surprise they spawned in there (one female) and held full term! Seven years ago I had wild caught frontosas (kapampa) in my 135 gallon at work for 18 months - and nothing. So I sold them at a big loss. So you just never know what will work and what does not.
  18. Hello! I am Back Again!

    If you have a 65+gal tank, shoot me a PM. Most of my fish are breeding well and I can sell you some
  19. Wild Caught Frontosa Mpimbwe

    beautiful fish. Are they in your 100 gallon tank?
  20. Hello! I am Back Again!

    Thanks! Nice, I had a look at those fish online. Tanganyikan fish are very unique looking.
  21. There is a person on facebook market place and kijiji that is selling driftwood. They have a whole pile of it. I believe they are on an acreage south of edmonton. They had some pretty large pieces.....
  22. Hello! I am Back Again!

    I would actually like to start a Tanganyikan community similar to jvision though.
  23. Hello! I am Back Again!

    I have quite a few. All malawi cichlids with exception to my multi shell dwellers. I have a range of different mbuna species... cyno afra, some purlmutt, demasoni, soulosi, white top hara, elongatus....etc... I think 7 or 8 different aulonoca and 4 or 5 types of haps. This is all spread throughout 6 aquariums, biggest is 150 gallon. I can't really say which is my favorite but I do really love mbuna. I suppose it would be a toss up between the hara and afra because they can change their color so fast. literally within seconds a male can go from blend in mode to I am the boss mode. I have never seen any fish change color so fast as cynotilapia.
  24. Wild Caught Frontosa Mpimbwe

    Possibly - in a month.
  25. Hello! I am Back Again!

    I have a Tanganyikan community with Cyps, Paracyps, Xenotilapia and some Synos
  26. Hello! I am Back Again!

    Hello and welcome to AA. Yes, there are a number of africian cichlid enthusiasts here.
  27. Hello! I am Back Again!

    Hi again Guys and Gals, I said hi back in 2014 and never did get my aquarium back up and running. Well this winter I am working on my fish room. I put in an exhaust fan and am changing the electrical around. Hoping to get this thing running this year! Anyone into African Cichlids on this forum? Let me know what you hold and are you having fun with them. Thanks Brad
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