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  3. Hello and welcome to AA. A 100g planted community tank. (that'd be my suggestion!)
  4. Hello, I was in the hobby (addiction) for years about 7 years ago and now I want back in. Hahaha. Hope to get some thing soon but I'm not sure what yet.
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  6. Thanks for reviving this post. I hadn't seen the original and it was worth the read. My mantra is: Learn from fellow hobbyists, but don't trust them completely Learn from your local fish store, but trust them less Learn from books, but don't trust them completely Learn from the internet, but trust it less In case of doubt, learn from nature
  7. Don't live next door to a crazy fish keeper, who buys used tanks. Then gets 20 tanks when local fish store relocates!! I had been out of the hobby 12 years and now I have 4 active tanks and craving more! Also don't get into breeding fancy guppy strains. I see more tanks in my future for F1 and F2 generations. This all started with a 15 gal for my teenager. He added a 33 gal. Then I couldn't resist the 55 gal with stand. Then I bought a trio of Mang guppies they now have a 20gal, have to keep strain pure. Babies from store bought guppies, my son calls mongrel. He told me to get my homebred store bought F mongrel guppies out of his Moscow guppy tank! Good thing 55 gal has only a few fish! Research is a must if you never kept the species! We now have a Bala shark in a 3' tank that in a couple years will need a 6' tank. Told our small town pet shop, to indicate the size of tank they need and that they like to school. Tag says not a community fish, nothing else. Also always quarantine and treat new purchases! Have a spare tank set up and running, it saves a lot of time and grief! Dont listen to neighbor whose trying to rescue goldfish from golf course pond, where he works. Shouldn't have told said neighbor, goldfish are considered invasive species! Now teenage son wants to do a backyard pond. Dont want to think of all these goldfish getting killed! I can't kill a guppy or rosy red minnow if I've had it over a month!! The minnow is 11 months and sole survivor of 6, after buying chain store platys, my guppies survived along with 1 minnow and 2 of 9!platys. Rose reds get over 3" and a thick body. I can't feed little Conrad to Neighbor Conrad's phirana (sp)! I've grown up since a child with a fish crazy mom, who even had tanks on the back of the toilet tank. When I moved on my own, I had 4 tanks between 33gal -54 gal. Now I've passed the addiction on to my son. Who I awoke to him at 9 months, swimming in my 48 gal fish tank. Learned babies can crawl weird places, even if it's 3' tall and thin edge stand! Also don't leave the tank with no top. In conclusion friends don't like moving 4 big tanks, along with 300lbs of rocks collected from the wild. My excuse was it's to decorate my tank. I moved 3 hrs W of Edmonton and I still have my rocks and my old 48 gal, however, it needs the bottom glass replaced, so not sure what to do with it! Emotional attachment as it was second tank I bought once living on my own!! I've reused some rocks in current tanks and the rest are in my rock garden.
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  9. Have an old tank that if I fill too much as jvision states it wicks UP, between the glass top and plastic trim. If you think it's this...tape a little strip of tissue along the glass just below the trim above the area you have concern. You don't have to see it happen but once the tissue gets wet it will change the way it looks and that can easily be seen. Fill the tank to the top as well to at least rule this out.
  10. Most "daylight" bulbs have spikes in the blue and red spectrums, which are great for photosynthesis. If you can get the color spectrum for a given bulb, and see that it has a bit of both of those colors, then you're good to go for growing plants. If you're running multiple bulbs, then put your "fish color" bulbs closer to the front.
  11. I've seen water whick through the top black brace/trim and drip, causing what you're describing
  12. 90 Gallon Fresh Water Planted Tank. 2-3" of rock substrate. Have owned the tank since new. Has been set up for 10 years. Has calcification along the front half bottom edge where glass meets the angle tank base (black part) . No other calcification on tank anywhere. No way water is getting to this spot except through the bottom of the tank. Anyone else know if this is an early sign of the tank loosing its seal? thanks Tim
  13. Hi All! Sorry no huge preview thread this time around but I have spent all weekend adding the new stock to my website and updating photos and sizes for the fish that were already posted. As well I have added several new videos of the stock to my YouTube channel. Please refer directly to my website for the photos, videos and prices. The new additions include discus breeding pairs, possible pairs, local raised discus fry, local bred koi, and a few new imports. Check them out at
  14. Ok so I am running 4x 80W - 60" T5HO bulbs on my 120G planted community Aquarium. It is a well established tank and has been running for approximately 4 years Lighting timings 8am-12pm on 12pm-4pm off 4pm - 11pm on 11pm-8am off Plantlife: Amazon Sword, Anubia, Cryptocoryne Wendtii, Rotala, java fern windelov, and a couple of unknowns. I am struggling a little with algae blooms may adjust light timings to see if this helps. __________________________ Filtration Fluval FX 5 Modified Intake & Output (Spray Bar) No Carbon __________________________ Dosing: Flourish Excel 2 capfuls every week ( too much ? too little? ) Flourish Comprehensive 2 Capfuls bi-weekly (too much? too little?) No Co2 yet ...looking to purchase a new system in a few months yay!! as i am looking to bring some more difficult plant life into the tank _______________________ Substrate: Dirt Base Seachem Flourite Layer Aquarium Gravel ( light layer for esthetics ) 2-3" Depth Substrate overall to 4 1/2" in back of tank ________________________ Tank Inhabitants: Rummynose Tetra Neon Tetra Harlequin Rasbora Various Cories ______________________ From the light to the substrate it's 27" I'm running the 6700k daylight bulbs _______________________ I have been considering playing with my colours a little to do a couple of things.... 1) potential to make the reds and blues in my fish colourings "pop" 2) make the greens,browns,reds in the plant life appear more vibrant 3) potentially aid in plant growth etc Are there any recommendations on lighting colour that will do this? I have been looking into the Aquaflora bulbs? Does anyone have any experience/results with these? what (if anything) would a pink or purple light colour do for a planted tank? as I have read that these colourings will aide in making fish colours more vibrant? Would I have to alter my timings excessively if I were to start messing with lighting colours? also if anyone has any advice on somewhere in Edmonton where I could find 60" bulbs for a reasonable price that would be awesome!
  15. It should... but THIS time, make sure to cross your fingers AND toes!
  16. That appears to be what was attempted the first time. So if we peeled all the old silicone off and started over, that will be a sufficient fix?
  17. Silicon alone cannot be used to repair a crack, you'll need another piece of glass that goes beyond the end of the crack. Put enough silicon on the patch that it oozes out the sides, put a weight on it, clean up the ooze, and let it cure for a few days. That will hold.
  18. Ok no longer safe for the living room in my opinion....may be sealed again but beware....
  19. OH its not just a resealing issue I think the original glass on the bottom is cracked. Whoever made the repair just applied a bunch of silicone over the damaged area, placed another piece of glass over it and then applied a crap load of more silicone around the "patch".
  20. I believe there is a sticky on resealing on the forum....fairly easy, remove old with utility knife, don't cut under the glass, clean tape the seams and re-caulk. Not a good idea to put more silicone.
  21. So my husband surprised me with a tank for Christmas. I think he got it off someone on kijiji. I wasn't in a position to get it setup right away so its been sitting in the living room since then. I was a bit distressed by this "gift" as it has a massive patch job done on the bottom of the tank but he was assured that it held water. Turns out that was not the truth. Filled it up last weekend to test out a filter and make sure it would hold water and it leaks. My husband pipes up and says "we can just add some more silicone or re-silicone it". If you knew my husband you would be very scared by that statement. If it had been me I would have left the tank where it was as soon as I saw the damage but its here now so where can I have it looked at and determined if it is possible to repair? Its not easy to move around the tank is 72x18x30 so essentially 170 gallons. Or is it cheaper just to replace the tank? I have not purchased a new tank for awhile. Its just a plain tank no modifications. We are located in Airdrie.
  22. ACE ( is the Aquarium Club of Edmonton and they organise two auctions a year, March/April and Sep/Oct periods. When one is coming up it will be announced the ACE website, here and elsewhere. There are always tons of fish, plants, and equipment up for sale. Entrance is free and anyone can bid. You have to be a member of ACE or other Canadian aquarium club to sell. ACE also has monthly club evenings on first Tuesday of the month in the Allendale community league, with a guest speaker, raffle, etc. Membership also gives you extra discount at Big Al's which more than pays for the $25 membership cost for me. Most important you get to meet a lot of locals with experience on a wide variety of types of tank and know-how on what to get where.
  23. thanks for the info biodives, btw what is ace and where will the auction be? am i allowed to bid?
  24. They were selling a surprisingly large collection of guppies at the ACE auction earlier this year. I don't know much about them in terms of special breeds but I got the impression there were special ones among them based on the prices they were selling for. There should be another auction this Fall. Curtis Jerrom in Calgary is selling the following: Endler Guppy – N-Type – 3.00ea (14)- males only Green Cobra Endler Guppy – 3.00ea (12)- males only Red Tuxedo Guppy – 3.00ea (17)- males only
  25. Depends on the size, 55 and up will probaby need it. Better to damage some plywood than your hardwood floor.
  26. Is it best to have a steel stand directly on hardwood, or to put a 3/4" plywood base? The steel stand has no feet btw, it will be sitting flat all the way around.
  27. Hello and welcome to AA.
  28. I keep some species of rainbowfish outside; they will survive even 12c for short periods. I had boesmani outside breeding in temps from 16 to 35 c even had that range in one day occur several times. This year I have C. alleni in a 40 gallon watering trough . With a heather set at 20c, it has been one week and so far so good. I use a hob filter. Some Val, and some hornworts. Also a potted Chinese evergreen, a plant that likes its roots in water. j
  29. I had Sicyopterus and they were cool. One day they just up and died so unfortunately my experience and observations are limited.
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