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  2. I don't see any reason to boil them. Perhaps it is suggested to leach out some tannins which some people love and others hate. However, I expect it will also leach out, or break down, the good stuff so don't boil. If the water does get a bit of a yellowish colour it will disappear with future water changes and your apisto won't mind.
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  4. I know everyone likes to use more fine substrate, but I have a ton of small gravel that I used to use ~10 years ago and had no issues growing plants (no fertilizers, no tabs). Just wondering if that would be reasonable to continue to use as I start up again as I still have it and combine it with fertilizers and tabs?
  5. Hello and welcome to AA.
  6. Hi there, it's been a while since I had tanks up and running. Previously had a 5g, 20g, and 33g running as low light planted tanks with a variety of tropical fish, including breeding some Betta's at that time. Planning on inching back in with a focus on Acquascpe on one tank to start with some Cherry Shrimp. Just need to get the tank up and cycled! Just found the forum and excited to see what knowledge awaits.
  7. I like that idea! Should I boil them first? I Google it and the Internet seems to be torn on the subject.
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  9. You can collect your own alder cones in the river valley and catch some fresh air as a bonus.
  10. Thanks for the tips guys! He's still eating like no tomorrow and I'm doing partial water changes to keep it healthy in there. I'll see about alder cone or almond leaves. I know aquarium central use to have leaves, but I haven't seen any there in awhile. I'll update if he gets worse.
  11. The pic is blurry, but it looks like a wound to me with a bit of an infection. Keep the water clean and maybe add an alder cone or almond leaf if not already in there (they seem to help keep fungus away naturally), and it should clear up shortly.
  12. I've read a lot about apistos but haven't come across this. If it was a temporary issue that caused it, like the snail, he may recover by just some TLC. At least the normal behaviour is a good sign.
  13. Male Cockatoo Apisto with bright red lips. It looks like he's going for a night on the town. No other lesions and other colours seem to be fine. A little bit of clamped fins. The lips aren't swollen just bright red. 60 Gal 0 ammonia 0 nitrite About 20 - 30 nitrate Another Male Cockatoo showing a little bit of the red lips, but not nearly as bad. They don't squabble and actually seem to be buds. Everyone is eating fine. No spitting out soaked NLS pellets. 2 things that happened. CO2 had an end of tank dump and had some sluggish fish. No one was gasping for air at the top. Did a water change and got everything back to normal within a few hours. Mystery snail died. I hadn't gone looking for it in awhile, but I found an empty she'll a few days before I noticed the red lips. I did an ammonia and nitrite test after I found the empty shell and there were no readings, but there could have been a mini cycle within a few days. No red gills though so I don't think it's an ammonia burn. I've searched a couple other forums. No white cotton like spots, no lesions and nothing else to suspect columnaris. I dosed with API E.M. Erythromycin to see if it was bacterial. Any input? I know the picture is horrible, but he's camera shy.
  14. Infected wound or any sickness Hospital tank and keep the water really really clean, UV light if you can, a smidgen of salt can't hurt. daily full water changes with exactly the same temp of water to avoid stress, NLS whichamacallit food for sick fish. that's what I would do to start
  15. Hi I noticed one night this Fish was near the top of the tank in the middle breathing really really hard. The other fish avoided them or chased it away and there were no signs of stress on any other fish (breathing, black barring on the peacocks, clamped Finns, not eating, flashing, excess slime coat, etc.) the ONLY symptom on ANY fish was the heavy breathing on the one Mbuna. I fell asleep and in the morning it was dead. I pulled it out and since it hadn't been touched by the other fish I checked the gills. NO Gill tissue was left except the Gill plate. absolutely no trace. It just had bare bone visible. I have done a water change and dosed with salt but I really need to identify the culprit so I can prevent this from happening again! THANK YOU
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  17. I made two 4-footers to act as second lights over two 24" deep (front to back) tanks which is too wide for a single light to cover unless you raise it up. Cost for each light about $35. Each can generate up to 4400 lumens. One participant build a light for a 5' tank using a single 4' module, also rated at 4400 lumens. The host showed 2' lights he had built in a much smaller package so it would fit in a narrow space between tank and shelf. Another light was built using 3 daisy-chained modules including one double-intensity module, but I didn't see the final product. A neat trick was to use rain gutter as the light housing for which you can buy water-tight end-pieces that will be more durable than my tape solution. Some others were going to assemble their lights at home.
  18. Any update on how these have worked out for people? Eh?
  19. Hi Everyone, I currently have a 65G cichlid tank that is almost empty and I would like suggestions on larger fish I could put in there. It currently has a play sand base with a bunch of rocks on the bottom that can be removed with lots of swimming room. I would like a larger fish that does well on Calgary water. Something in the 6-8" range would be ideal. I would like to only have one species one male and 1-2 females. Predator, Hap., Peacock. Something that is rarish/unique/colourful. A display fish. Dimensions of the tank are 36" x 18" x 24". Thank you for any suggestions you can make.
  20. Nice cave!
  21. If you have good husbandry practices, rams can be added just about any time; but, a lot of people have trouble with them in newer tanks. Good circulation, plant health and some MTS to keep the substrate fresh will help keep them healthy. Dwarf gouramis are cool, and males are readily available in a few different colors - they tend to get along with most other fish.
  22. Also, what are your thoughts on blue Rams (electric or German) or Dwarf Gourami? Thanks
  23. About 50-60% of the substrate is covered by plants. Thanks for the ideas. Those orange Lazer corys are cool looking. I have never kept angels, I'll look more into them.
  24. 12 more Cardinals, 8-10 orange-lazer Cory's, 6-8 marble hatchets, 2 angels (get them small enough that they can't eat the Cardinals and they should leave them alone when they get bigger). This is assuming that when you say planted tank, there is not much of the substrate visible. Feed the plants well (I prefer the Estimator Index method of fertilizing - see the pinned topic in the Planted Forum), and your fish will be happy. If your tank just has a few plants, just go with 6 Cory's and the angels, or plan for large WCs a couple times per week.
  25. I have a 30 gallon (36" long) tank with plants and currently 12x Cardinal Tetra. What would be some recommendations for other fish. I am thinking a half dozen corydoras and maybe a feature fish or two. Thanks!
  26. I'm glad I joined and saw this thread. Very informative. Thanks!
  27. Does anyone know anyone that would carry Ehiem replacement parts for my 2213 filter? I tried Big Als (closed now) and Pisces with no luck.
  28. Hi everyone, I am from Calgary and I have been in the aquarium hobby for as long as I can remember. At the moment, I have a 120g tank that used to be stocked with cichlids. I am thinned out quite a bit since I don't spend nearly as much time on it as I did before. I also a turtle tank that I plan to upgrade very soon. Looking forward to making all of your acquaintances. Tony
  29. The stud finder may not work through the floor but you can find a wall stud and follow it down. Even if the room was packed with people it would be fine, it's going to be extremely difficult to collapse a floor like that.
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