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  1. 55 gallon set up

    Hello everyone, As I am still a novice with fish keeping I was hoping for some advice I have a 55 gallon cycled and would like to fill it with either african cichlids or a couple South Americans. What does everyone think would be a good stock of an aquarium this size? My initial thought is 1 or 2 severums with a pleco of some type or 10-15 Africans with some syno petricolas. Thanks for the advice ina advance, Allan
  2. Sunken Stomach

    Once a day of either Mysis shrimp or cichlid pelets and then I'll toss in a cucumber every other day or so.
  3. Bristlenose Pleco

    Curious what everyone thinks would be the largest fish compatible with 2 bn pleco.
  4. Sunken Stomach

    I have 8 African cichlids with sunken stomach but their poop isn't white and theyre eating fin . Could this just be not enough food or something else, if something else what would the best treatment be?
  5. Hello, I'm curious what the largest single fish would be happy in a 55 gallon tank alone or with a couple bn pleco. Thank you for any info given!