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  1. anyone in alberta (or even canada) who can sell me a handful of these at a reasonable price? thanks
  2. Hi I'd like to create a large pond in my basement but I have a funny stairway and can't get anything bigger than a 90gallon tank down there. I'm interested in creating a 20' x 4' pond and wondered if there is any way to build it so that it would be removable? Thanks.
  3. Hello from Calgary

    Thanks guys. The long tank is kind of neat..My hope was to use it as a grow out for some bichirs once I get some....will need to put the rim back on and get a proper lid though...have had a few fish jump out and die The reason for the different lights are that I bought a few different tanks on the cheap (and free even) that came with different lights, so rather than buy a new one I just used the old stuff that was laying around. Looks a little rustic, but so is that tank
  4. Hello from Calgary

    30 gal tall 30 gallon long My pics were >100kb so I just linked a couple photos above.
  5. Hello from Calgary

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and just looking to learn a bit and maybe meet some fellow aquarist enthusiasts. Currently I have 2x 30gal tanks but am looking to upgrade to a 120-150 tank. Right now I have some black mollies, guppies, clown loaches, koolie loaches and a dragon pleco (also pond snails, ramshorn snails, and a bunch of amano shrimp). I'm hoping to find some senegal bichirs sometime soon (I used to keep one that was ferocious!) but haven't had any luck so far.