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Found 2 results

  1. Group Of Corydoras Sterbai

    Got a group of 10 young Corydoras sterbai last week to get a breeding group going. Took them a couple days to start eating and now they're little gobble monsters. Thankfully I was able to dig up some earthworms and chop them up fine so they could fit them in their little mouths. That got them going and now I have them on chopped earthworm and flake. I snapped a few pics of them tonight. Should be a few months before they start spawning but already they're looking good. Can't believe how active they are! They're in a species tank with sand and small stones from a local mountain stream.
  2. So, getting a little tired of my 75 gallon tropical community tank and wanting to take it in a different direction. Right now it's stocked with 4 corydoras species, kuhli loaches, a mega clown pleco, rubbernose pleco, hatchet fish, and various guppies, swordtails, and platies. The only ones I'm attached to in there right now are the corys, the loaches and the plecos. Wondering if these guys would be able to handle the cold water change outs needed to spur the corys to spawn. If not, what fish out there are benign and could handle the cold water change outs? Want to completely revamp the tank around the corys so if someone else has gotta go then so be it. Would like to keep the kuhli's though, they're pretty fun to watch.