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Found 4 results

  1. So I found some "White Worms" under some logs in my wood pile and I'm thinking they're very similar to the ones we keep to use for live foods. I was searching for small earthworms to chop up to feed my Corydoras sterbai and found a bunch of these 3/4-1.25 inch long white worms in amongst the moist soil. They look identical to white worms and I'm curious if these are in fact the same!? I put about 2 dozen of the worms into a small plastic container and set it up like I would normally setup a white worm culture. I placed a small piece of bread in with them and it looked like a clump of eggs was laid under the bread. I just removed the bread and replaced it with some fish food. I haven't seen the worms feeding on the bread or fish food so I'm not sure if these will survive or not. I live in the mountains so access to any starter live food cultures is a problem. Anyone have any insight on this? Nick I'll try to take some pictures of them.
  2. Advice On Shrimp Food

    So I've done a ton of research, and while everyone agrees on what shrimp need in general, it seems as far as brands and types, everyone says something different. I'm a total newbie (in case you couldn't tell. Lol.) so I have no experience to go off of, so I was hoping you could help me with yours. I decided on BorneoWild, based on reviews of the product and suggestions to other newbies, but they didn't specify which types. I've narrowed it down to: BorneoWild - Grow BorneoWild - Barley BorneoWild - Floral Mix BorneoWild - Beanbee and Algea Wafers I was thinking it would be good to get the Algea Wafers, Floral Mix, and one of the other three. Then I'd rotate / mix them. One today, the next type in two days, the third type in another two days, and then back to the first type. Can anyone tell me if these are good foods for Neocaridina and which one(s) I should use? Should I rotate all of them? Some of them? Only feed one? Feeding schedule? (I read it's a 2-3 mm piece for 10-20 shrimp every 2-3 days) If you think a different brand or type would be better, please let me know which brand and type and why. Thanks for your help and info! P.S. - Has anyone used this for substrate? https://www.amazon.ca/Up-D-550-Aqua-Shrimp-Sand/dp/B005VS1I0M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1465708670&sr=8-1&keywords=aqua+soil Is it a good one? Can you recommend a good substrate I won't have to replace for (practically) forever?
  3. Angelfish Not Eating

    One of my angelfish is not eating and it has been about 48 hours. There is 2 and they are being treated with tetracycline (day 3, just did 25% water change) in about 15 gal. of water. Have a heater, a bubbler, and a filter running all good for 25 gal. tank. I feed them once a day, he looks interested but then food just floats by his face and he doesn't try to eat. How long can an angelfish survive without eating? Is it time to stop treatment? I know with human bacterial infections you want to treat for the full course, otherwise any existing bacteria can become immune. Thanks
  4. Best Food For Flower Shrimp?

    Picked up one of these guys at the LFS recently, tried feeding it some crushed Hikarib shrimp pellets but most of it ended up in the filter :S I have been noticing increasing substrate scraping so it's a sign it's not getting enough food, any ideas?