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Found 3 results

  1. My 4 tanks 3/10/2017

    Heres a bunch of pix from my 4 tanks. hope you can figure out the order.
  2. Hello from Calgary

    New to the forum but not to the aquatic scene. Glad to be here Current, 10G red fire shrimp/Ramshorn/planted 15G neon tetra/otocinclus/bristlenose pleco/shrimp culls/planted 90G demasoni/yellow labs/strawberry peacocks/bristlenose pleco/hornwort(reducing nitrates huge)
  3. I've attached some pictures from my 29G tank. We've had no deaths, everyone is fine and acting normal, and have been for quite some time. We had an issue months ago, where a white skirt tetra had a cloudy popped out eye. We treated with Melafix, with no fix, then did agressive water changes, and it cleared up...mostly. Everything was fine until recently, when an indian glass fish got a blotch on his tail and what looks like slime on his side? He's acting fine, and everything seems normal. I started treating Melafix a week ago, and no change in this fish, or the original white skirt. I do a regular routine of water changes weekly. Anybody know what this is? Advice to fix it? You can see the stocking list in my signature for this tank. thank you, Eric Can see a blotch on his tail. Tail Blotch (left fish) Rear fin and pectoral fin Colombian with small white mark on eye (on both eyes) Tail, and 'forehead' "Healed" eye I posted 13 'problem' pictures in an album, if you want to have a peek. I'm not sure if some fish just have marks, or if this is three fish with issues. No marks or anything on anyone else. http://s1343.beta.photobucket.com/user/flash_oesc/library/29G