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  1. Wanting to try Saltwater Calgary

    Starting the cycle......
  2. Hi there, new from Edmonton

    Welcome, In Calgary all the Petsmarts have Hornwort but last time I got some it was full of ramsorn snails and cherry shrimp lol.
  3. Nano fish that wont hide

    maybe a 1-2mm bigger than a neon tetra. they will eat your baby shrimp if you mix them. I put my shrimp culls in with my tetras and they keep the population in check
  4. Nano fish that wont hide

    Welcome to AA Protato, id go with cardinal tetras as ive never kept Rasboras. My cardinals never hide and even challenge my plecos for an algae wafer.
  5. Arapaima For Sale

    Heres another one http://www.kijiji.ca/v-fish/calgary/arapaima-giga/1253015160?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  6. Catching the holding female.....

    tried last night, no luck she sleeps in the most hideiest spot in the tank. I can catch any other fish with a lazer pointer and net but she has no interest. Bah ill go get the buckets.
  7. I finally have a female that has been holding for 2 weeks..... now to catch her, Any super tactical sneeky tricks to this? or just remove all the rock
  8. Floating plants

    +1 for Hornwort, keeps nitrates low fish love to play in it. I have never had an algae problem. also have a 18" planter box with a pump and pothos on top of tank. If you tank is stocked with Cichlids they will just eat any smaller floating plants duckweed/water lettuce, I grow it on my pleco tank just to feed to the cichlids
  9. Wanting to try Saltwater Calgary

    Oh dear What could this be.......smells like fish
  10. Arapaima For Sale

    You think the Arapaima is bazar check this out http://www.kijiji.ca/v-art-collectibles/calgary/vampire-fish-heads-real/1236192519?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true under Art-Collectibles, Salted fish heads! wow my wife would love that on the dining room table!
  11. Arapaima For Sale

    Might as well just get a Pike and some red LED's...... way cheaper!
  12. Logging In

    I forgot my password and did a password reset. Entered my new password and am instantly logged in, after a few hrs it auto logs me out and my password wont work. I have to keep doing a password reset and changing it every time I log in..... Has anyone else had this issue? or know a solution.......
  13. Malaysian Driftwood Edmonton

    Petland usually has a good selection around $12 a piece. sometimes they have cholla wood in too
  14. Hello from Calgary

    Nice, the long tank is interesting, be a good river tank.
  15. Hello from Calgary

    Hello and welcome. Clown loach +1 A few pix would be awesome