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Help. What Is It?

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I got given a fish and I have no idea what it is . Back story:

.added to a small (4 gallon?)fluval tank less than 2 years ago with some other fish and shrimp. They all died off about 1.5 years ago leaving this guy alone with a moss ball. The tank had a algae problem which was attributed to the lights so they were permanently shut off. The owner believed it could live off scum in the tank and thus fed shrimp pellets once a month. I think the heater died some time ago, there was no air and I doubt the filter was changed. Water topped up but never changed.

Thus I have no idea of potential size or actual color. Tail tinted slightly red. Sucker mouth. He's currently in a 2.6 gallon quarantine. We'll see if he lives.

So what is it?


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