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  1. Barnacle Blenny

    Took this pic with my Samsung Galaxy S while at a LFS...thought 'he' was cute!
  2. Freshwater Gobies

    I had Sicyopterus and they were cool. One day they just up and died so unfortunately my experience and observations are limited.
  3. I personally have not tried keeping fish outdoors, but while I was in Thailand last year I noticed that people did keep guppies and platies in outdoor clay containers. They used giant lillies and hornwort inside. I saw try in these containers as well so they were not merely surviving. When I walked the fish markets the temperatures were up near 40°C!! I'm also interested to read others' experiences!
  4. Have you heard?! Spencer Jacknnis coming to the Calgary Aquarium Society meeting to as a guest speaker on June 13th at 7pm!!! Come one and come all!!!! Where: Crescent Heights Community Association 1101 2 St NW, Calgary
  5. Wanting to try Saltwater Calgary

    Looks like s nice start
  6. Reminder that the Auction is coming!!! April 30th! If you're a member of our club or a fish club, you are permitted 20 lots to sell. Contact Bandi. Auction volunteers are also required!! If you'd like to help make this event a success, please message me.
  7. Actually it's April 30th
  8. Brought 2 of these cool guys home tonight...I thought i'd share.
  9. Auction November 6

    It's coming!!!
  10. Hello From Taber, Ab

    Welcome back! You should drop by the auction in Calgary next Sunday and pick up some fish!
  11. New Shellies Setup

    I buy my shells from the dollar stores
  12. Aiptasia Infestation

    There is a Berghia nudibranch you can use...but they need a constant supply so if you're not cultivating them purposely they starve
  13. Cas Auction October 18Th

    Calgary Aquarium Society holds an auction every Fall and Spring. Around 500 lots of fish and fish related items will go up for auction. Show up and buy! No membership required but membership does have its perks...like being able to sell your aquaria.
  14. I went to a pet store today and asked for snails..."what arev you doing with them"...well my puffer will probably eat them. "Oh...ok..I'll be right back..." Two or three minutes later the manager comes by and tells me...we don't sell animals to be eaten. I can't sell you these snails. Ok...what are the Fatheads for? She says, oh...except for those. I say...what about those feeder goldfish...? She says...oh and those. So you DO sell animals to be eaten...what?! While I get why some personal aquarist would care where their aquaria goes...why is it that this particular chain care's at all? And about a snail no less. Just wierd.
  15. I Don't Get This Logic...

    Lol...very true
  16. Should I Worry?

    I've used tanks the same size with the same damage for years without issue...but there's always a first...
  17. Help. What Is It?

    Looks like a Panda Gara
  18. I Don't Get This Logic...

    Hahaha...exactly. easier to just not buy there I guess. 😈
  19. I Don't Get This Logic...

    I will likely never buy from them ever again...I was steaming mad when I left there.
  20. Lf: Vals

    Got a new tank and my vision includes a wall of vals...if you're in Calgary and trimming some back...let me know! Thx!
  21. Lf: Vals

    Thanks you two! I'm heading over to Eugene tomorrow. If I need more I'll let you know!
  22. 29G Planted Tank Starting To Come Along

    What kind of Puffer do you have in there?
  23. Member's Tanks

  24. Hello

    Welcome to the group!