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  1. Lg Glass

    Hi folks, Where do you get the glass from in Calgary? Thanks
  2. Discus Per Gallon

    150 gallon will give lots of room for the 4 fish. It is important to know the age of the discus you are going to get. As you know usually juvenile discuses are kept in a group of 5+ because of aggression, in the smaller group what likely to happen is the weakest one will always be threatened by others that will result in sickness and becoming stunted. I noticed that all your tanks are planted, if that is the case and your 150 gal is planted I would seriously consider going bare bottom if you discus is juvenile and you are planning to grow them to a good size. Hope it helps.
  3. Lighting For Large Tanks

    Do you plan to go high tech or low tech? for 6 feet the best option to go is 36"x2 imho, better bulb choices, easier to sell. for 5 feet..hmm....24" + 36" ?
  4. Discus Per Gallon

    All depends on what you are looking to get in the end. What is your goal? as damtrees said the rule of thumb is 1 per every 10 gallon, but it does not mean you can put 2 in a 20 gal tank.
  5. LED grow lights

    Any news?
  6. LED grow lights

    wonder what is the lumen output rate of those panels....
  7. Yes, they are sold.

  8. New Rack

    Thanks for the reply, will look into square tubing.
  9. New Rack

    Thank you! what is the total weight of your tanks on the rack and per shelf? How did you reinforce the sections?
  10. New Rack

    Hi All, this is going to be my third return into the hobby and i would like to start with rack this time. I have found a good rack that may be a good candidate to be used, but did not find anyone who may have used it in the past or heard anything. The rack is Whalen Industrial Rack- 76.875" x 24" x 72" (w x d x h) Welded end frames provide strength Each shelf holds 2,000 lbs. (evenly distributed) Protective powder-coated steel 4 adjustable shelves with wire decks Link additional racks to create industrial-sized storage solution Single tool assembly I'm going to put one 180 gal (72x24x24) on the middle level, two 65 gal (35x24x18) on the top level and the sump 110 Gal (60x24x18) on the lower level. You help is much appreciated. thanks.
  11. Hi, Was looking for Weld-on 4 too, and found at Sabic. They sell it by oz and pints.
  12. Hi Guys and Gals, I'm new to the forum but had some DIY experience before, ex. building glass tanks but not acrylic. If anyone is planning to build an acrylic tank i'd be glad to help as much as I can and hopefully to learn. Let me know. Thank you, Oleg