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  3. Bow front not braced

    I always like to replace what was there originally especially when we're talking about dozens of gallons of water flowing amongst our furniture and carpet. If that was me, i would source a replacement or at very least do something myself to brace it once again.
  4. One week until the C.A.S. Fall Auction, Montgomery Community Hall, start @ 11:00
  5. Bow front not braced

    I have a 72 gallon bow front that the plastic brace broke. I don't plan on running the tank more then 1/2 full of water as I want sone plant growth from the top. My question is should I still brace it?
  6. Aquarium frame

    Just an update. No one in town carries the 48x18 frame. I called Concept, Big Al's online, Pisces, Wai's, and Bow Valley. I was going to attempt to DIY one myself. Ended up ordering one off aquariumframewholesale in US since I am going down to Sweet Grass for a pickup run later this month.
  7. Aquarium frame

    Thanks CK. I'll swing by tomorrow.
  8. Aquarium frame

    Was going to say look here: http://www.conceptaquariums.ca/ but their website appears to be changing around. Address: 1313 44 Ave NE #3, Calgary, AB T2E 6L5 Hours: Open today · 11AM–8PM Wednesday 11AM–8PM Thursday 11AM–8PM Friday 11AM–8PM Saturday 10AM–6PM Sunday 10AM–6PM Monday 11AM–8PM Tuesday 11AM–8PM Suggest an edit Phone: (403) 230-7831 Province: Alberta
  9. Aquarium frame

    Hi all. I started on a project to re-seal my 90g since the top frame was seeping a little. After I stripped the sealant off the top frame I removed it and placed it by the side of the garage. Long story short my wife ended up closing the garage door and the top frame is now in 8 pieces. Anyone know what I can pick up a 48x18 top frame in Calgary?
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  11. New Tank - Stumped

    Raw shrimp in a small filter bag weighed down by a rock works well - keeps the mess inside
  12. Rainbow Compatability

    I have roselines with my rainbowfish. They are doing great.
  13. Flourish Excel

    I did the same to get rid of algea. Was trying Excel but did not help much
  14. A.C.E. Fall Auction, Oct. 1

    Saving all my duckweed for this!!

    Great job. Must have killed a lot of worms in those years
  16. Stores selling stands

    I picked up a 55 gallon tank the other day and am looking for a stand to put it on. Needs to be at least 49" x 14" and around 30" high. I haven't had much look at my local fish store, and it seems that few places carry them from the looking I've done. Anyone have ideas on where to buy stands?
  17. New Tank - Stumped

    I might try bumping up the frequency of your water changes to try and keep the ammonia down to a manageable level. I've also cycled using a piece of raw shrimp as an ammonia source instead of live fish, but it can be a bit messy. I'd second the idea of a different fish type, maybe danios to cycle. Good luck

    well after 4 years and 5 months I am happy to announce that the first stingray I ever breed from my original pair just had her first pup super excited about it as that was my plan all along
  19. A.C.E. auction October 1, usual time and place, coordinating with the A.C.E. workshop weekend speakers the day before On Sept. 30, at the same location starting at 11:00
  20. New Tank - Stumped

    I have some thoughts as well. First: I would avoid using fish like Tetras in cycling because they have evolved in (roughly speaking) acidic water, and do not tolerate ammonia well (assuming you have water with a pH >7). Typically people use fish with a better osmoregulation mechanism for ammonia to like good old gold fish. Second: The temperature of the water directly affects the speed of bacteria division. Thus cooler, room-temperature water will slow the cycle down, especially compared to something at 80F. I would trying bringing the temp up to 80 until your cycling, then gradually lower it. HTH Andrew
  21. New Tank - Stumped

    I can't solve your puzzle, but if ammonia is spiking then there is no need to add a starter fish because there is plenty of ammonia for the bacteria already. You can also add some floating plants to remove the ammonia if you don't want to wait too long before putting some fish in.
  22. New Tank - Stumped

    I've run fish tanks for 30+ years but i'll admit i'm stumped on my latest. It's a Fluval 9 gallon set up for my 6 year old. We have it running, filter on, led lights, new gravel (washed), starter bacteria included, and i'm doing my standard 1 fish in the tank for a couple weeks to get things started. This is the method i've successfully used for decades. We are now 0 for 3 with our little starter fish (2 glowlight tetras, one serpae tetra). Always only 1 but replace after the little guy dies. Dont want to run the tank without a fish because I want the bacteria cycle to commence. Our water testing is saying the ammonia levels are spiking. We are limiting the feeding so it isn't from that.There are no heaters in this tank so it is room temperature. Note, I have 2 other of the same tanks also at room temperature (one in the same house, one at the office) without problems. Not sure what else it could be. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.
  23. Any One have Dwarf Puffers Available?

    No i havent checked the link yet. Im trying my luck to see if anyones got some. Thanks!
  24. Any One have Dwarf Puffers Available?

    never knew anyone to breed them. only saw at stores. did you check gold's as well? https://goldaquariums.wordpress.com/contact-us/
  25. Hi been looking for Dwarf Pufferfish for months now and i saw some at a pisces before I was ready to purchase them. I know they are seasonal and wild caught but is there any chance somebody is breeding them?
  26. Would like to purchase killifish eggs to try and raise this beautiful fishes. Where would I purchase in Canada - preferably in Alberta? I did google/ebay/aquabid/etc. but only came up with places out of Canada. Would appreciate any help. Thank you. B.
  27. Hello

    If you want a fun interactive fish take a look at pea puffers...almost like little cats watching you. They 'swim' like little helicopters in the water.
  28. Hello

    I hope not, this is such quick easy maintenance I'm hoping to keep it this way and never having tetras before the 6 I have are fun to watch for both myself and my daughter.
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