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  1. Question about re-lining pond

    I was told a way to find the leak. Stop the pump to let water to sit still. Let it continue to leak. If the water stops to go down at a certain level, the leak is along the surface. Add a little water to raise the water level by a tiny bit. Pour some milk along the edge. you should see the milk goes out where the leak is. However, this method des not work for very slow leak though.
  2. I am planning to build a backyard pond. I understand a permit is required if it is over 2 feet deep plus fence, gate and lock requirements. My landscaper told me it is fine to be over 2 feet without a permit as long as the side of the pond is not vertically down over 2 feet. If it is slope down or have a couple "stairs" before hitting the bottom should be good. I called the Edmonton official. The answer I was given was: Technically, a permit is required if the pond is over 2 feet deep. However the inspector will not stick a measuring tape in to check the deepness. It is ok as long as only a portion (in the middle part of the pond) is deeper than 2 feet. There are steps/slope along the side to allow someone to walk/climb back up when falls into it. Any comment if this is true? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the information! I am wondering if your fish survive the Alberta hard cold winter and reproducing? For plants in the pond, do you plant their root underwater or just submerse the pots? Sounds like water splashes from your waterfall does not cause much water lost on top of normal evaporation.
  4. Thanks Jason. How about evaporation issue? If there is no rain (summer time), do they required adding water every few days? I meant to a medium size pond, like 1500 to 2000 gallon.
  5. Thanks again Jason! Somebody says only keeping the bottom part of the pond from freezing is not good enough. Fish need to breath so at least to keep a small area on the surface from freezing. I am wondering if a bubbler can do the job. I am planning the have a 30" deep pond.
  6. Thanks! How does the water rune between the 2 ponds? Do you run a pump from the pond to the 'dirted pond' and water overflow back to the pond? Any pictures to share?
  7. Thanks Jason! How about the filter/skimmer/waterfall? Do they need to be turned off when weather gets cold and just put a bubbler or water pump in the bottom? I am wondering if a bubbler will fail when leaving outdoor during winter. Also, how big a pump is needed? can a power head do the job?
  8. 6 foot fence requirement does not bother me as the fence in my neighborhood are all 6 foot in height. I am planning to have a depth of approx. 3 foot and hoping to keep fish in it all year round. By the way, does your pond freezes in winter? Do you move fish inside?
  9. Water Softerner

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone in the board runs a water softener for the whole house and use the softened water for their aquarium. Wondering how does the softened water affect aquarium fish. I will install one in my home. I am not sure if I need to bypass it from the tap for the aquarium.
  10. Treating Ich

    My arowana has ich. I understand I can raise temperature to about 90F and add pickling salt (Sodium Chloride without iodine). I do not have pickling salt handy but I have a big bag of Potassium chloride. Can I use it instead? I appreciate your advice!
  11. Treating Ich

    Thanks for the inputs. I am treating a 180g tank. I have decided to try out Cupramine from Seachem. I was told it is most effective and quick cure.
  12. Anyone knows what aquarium test kit would detect chloramine? I am hoping the check if my RO unit leech chloramine.....
  13. New Shrimp Rack

    I hosted berries in the breeder box before and raised babies in it without problem. You are right, it would be better it was made wider. I am temping to ask my friend to order custom made to my size.... but the shipping will kill me. The Buce grew really slow in my tank with T5 lights. Hope they grow faster in LED. By the way, how much space you have behind the poret foam. Is it bare bottom behind or the proet is sitting on top of the substrate? Do you think it will be messy when you need to take the poret foam out for cleaning?
  14. New Shrimp Rack

    Hi Hung, Your set up really looks good. Are the sponges poret filters? Looks like you do not run mechanical filter. Do you like the breeder box? How's the Bucephalandras?
  15. Sulawesi Cardinal

    Got the opprotunity to take a shot for my berried Sulawesi Cardinal. It was a challange to keep them alive . I am so happy to see them producing now. Picture taken from my cell. Sorry for the poor quality.
  16. Sulawesi Cardinal

  17. Sulawesi Cardinal

    Thank you! Yes it was very exciting when I saw the tiny shrimplets moving around. They were in a 5g tank. I thought I should move them over to a bigger tank so I set up a 20g with the exact water parameters. After cycling, I move 10 over. I lost 2 and the rest were doing well. 2 weeks later, I moved all the rest over. Unfortunately, they started dying. It's been another 3 weeks now. I lost about 15. I haven't seen any death in the last 2 day so I hope the rest will survive. Luckily, I found there are 7 tiny shrimplets left in the 5g tank. I am leaving them there just those in the new tank don't make it.
  18. Mr. Aqua 12G Long Redux

    Do you use any water conditioner to neutralize the chlorine in tap water?
  19. Sulawesi Cardinal

    Yeh! My vacation is a little long (almost a month). I had 9-10 batches of babies before I left. Upon my return, I did not see very many babies. I am glad to see 2 berries now. Hopfully more to come.
  20. Bucephalandra

    Just wondeing if there anyone in Alberta raising any type of Bucephalandra..... I am interested to get some but nowhere I can find them locally..... The only on-line store carries them is Angelfins.
  21. Finally have a chance to take some pictures. All pictures are taken from my cell phone. Quality may not be best but shrimps are beautiful. Sulawesi Cardinal, CRS SSS, OE Black Tiger and Bloody Mary
  22. Pictures Of My Shrimps From Ebiken

    Sulawesi Cardinals are extremely sensitive to water changes and don't ship well. They require high temperature, high PH and precise mineral content. I had a batch came in from Shrimpfever. Westjet screwed up, the shipment did not arrive until the next day. More than half DOA and the rest were dead slowly over the next few days. This batch from Ebiken is a lot more stable. I was told they were bred in Canada so they are more stable than those came in from Taiwan.They are mid priced shrimps when compare to those higher end one.
  23. Bloody Mary Neos

  24. [Preview]Breeders‘N‘Keepers Vol.2

    Do you know if the vol 2 is available in Canada yet?
  25. Skittish Altum Angels

    Hi Stan, Are these the altum you bought from me? I had the same problem before. My altums were skittish for a long time but one day became well all the sudden. It was still a mystery to me. What I can suggest is the lower the light and water current. Add some tankmates such as corys or rams may help.