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  1. Hello! I am Back Again!

    That sounds interesting. I am trying to decide on a couple of different species as breeding groups or a male only tank. I really like the mbuna, peacocks and haps.......as thats what's readily available at most LFS's. I was looking at the Tanganyikan and Victoria fish as well. I get confused after a few hours of looking and researching. What is your favourite mbuna? I noticed a fish the other day, I am thinking its a peacock.....Otopharynx tetrastigma....wow
  2. Hello! I am Back Again!

    Thanks! Nice, I had a look at those fish online. Tanganyikan fish are very unique looking.
  3. Hello! I am Back Again!

    Hi again Guys and Gals, I said hi back in 2014 and never did get my aquarium back up and running. Well this winter I am working on my fish room. I put in an exhaust fan and am changing the electrical around. Hoping to get this thing running this year! Anyone into African Cichlids on this forum? Let me know what you hold and are you having fun with them. Thanks Brad
  4. New and addicted, suffering from MTS. :D

    Welcome Fishbulb.
  5. Hello

    Hi Guys and Gals, I was on this site a few years ago. At the time I had a salt water tank. Then more life took over and I got out of the saltwater hobby........but before I left I built a ~400 gallon system c/w sump. I was going to use it for saltwater at the time but times have changed.....this tank has sat for the past 3-4yrs.....now I am thinking about setting a freshwater system. I have been researching Cichlids and thinking about making a Malawi tank. The tank is empty and I have been working on the fish room as I needed to get the exhaust system going and some electrical that needed to be completed as well. So I have a tank and a sump and I have not hooked them together as of yet. Things I am thinking about is how to set up the sump and tank etc. I just wanted to say hi! and see if anyone has some ideas about livestock. Oh I am from just outside of Calgary. Brad
  6. Hi From Cochrane!

    Thanks Brenda
  7. Hi From Cochrane!

    Hi Brenda, I have heard this name "fairdeal" lots on a couple of websites.......is he on this forum, or how do I contact him? On some of the other sites they had not seen him for the past year. Thanks!
  8. Hi From Cochrane!

    Thanks Frogfish.....I will have a look for the auctions. ***for some reason I cannot "quote" or "multiquote"........is there something special I need to do? Its a button and looks easy....apparently not.
  9. Hi From Cochrane!

    Thanks Wingin' it, I will post some pictures when I get things running. I have just designed and am getting the sump built......so I should only be a couple of weeks before I am ready. If the weather would ever cooperate I would like to be out in the mountains looking for some rock for my display. Burbot, I was on the CAS website, if I am around I will definitely check it out. Thanks!
  10. Hi From Cochrane!

    Hi everyone. My name is Brad and I am new to this forum. I have kept saltwater fish for quite a few years. Right now I am starting a tank (hopefully quite soon) and hoping to house Lake Malawi peacocks and Haps. At this time I am still working on my tank in preparation to it holding some water. I am new to fresh water fish, but love all of the Cichlid varieties from all the rift lakes in Africa. I am hoping to find a few people close by loving the same hobby. I really enjoy meeting people within the hobby......my wife and I still make trips through Calgary on Saturdays visiting all the LFS's. Thanks Brad