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  1. Pacman frog filtered setup?

    I've seen false bottoms built underneath substrate to create reservoirs before using some kind of plastic grate tied together with zip ties and covered with mesh screen. might need to be quite deep so some kind of gravel of clay balls would need to be under the substrate to stop it from rotting in assuming.
  2. Freshwater Gobies

    In recent months I have become completely captivated by the quite rare "Rock Climbing" freshwater Gobies from the Sicydiine Family. The lack of information on such an interesting group of fish really adds interest to already great looking and personality rich fish. There is a very small online community that is dedicated to successfully breeding and conserving the gobies as little is known about their status or behaviours. I hope to contribute to the cause in the future, but as the fish can be a rarity that may not be any time soon. Currently I have two Sicyopterus Sp. (Cynocephalus) and will be looking into Sicyopus very soon. Although I doubt there are many keepers in the province, out of interest do any of you have any experiences or specimens of these amazing fish? (Geniuses include: Stiphodon, Sicyopterus, Sicyopus, Lentipes, and many more) please share below!
  3. Hello from St.Albert

    I have two tanks currently as I'm quite new to the hobby. I have a 45g long low tech planted tank with some small rainbows and some temporary community fish. The tank is primarily designed around Sicydiine (rock climbing) gobies. These freshwater gobies are my greatest passion in the hobby and I aim to expand my collection of them to aid in research and to try and breed them in aquaria. Unfortunately the one fish I become the most interested in, ends up being very difficult to find commercially. My other tank is a 20g which will likely turn into a Rio Guapore river biotope for my Sterbai Corydoras. I intent to expand soon to house multiple different goby specifies such as Chlamydogobius and Sicyopus if I can get them.