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  1. Hello

    hello and thanks for the info, i'll have to check into it when i'm at that stage, my 90g tank, i'm starting a whole new setup, been spending last few weeks looking into the new equipment out there and i'm blown away at what i see, i was thinking about trying out for the first time a salt water system, but not sure i can invest in the lighting system for marine life i'd like to add, i.e. live corals, so i'm leaning towards another freshwater tank, i'm going all new equipment, been to quite a few different pet/fish stores and there's so many options, my first task tho, is building a stand strong enough to hold it ive been reading a lot of posts and seen a lot of photos of everyone's tanks, they look awsome i want them all, it's hard to chose,
  2. Hello

    hello, i live in calgary, 40 and have decided to get back into the aquariums, i've been running a 65gallon tank for a while, but with old parts, decided i was going to add a new 90gallon tank to my collection, heard there was lots of great help here, and i look forward to reading it,