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Found 4 results

  1. 120G Planted

    The wife gave me the blessing a couple weeks ago to upgrade my 50G corner tank to something a bit bigger, $200 was my limit. Found a great deal on kijiji for a 6' 120G, it was a little dirty, but after a couple hours i was able to scrap away most of the saltwater algae. Once it was all cleaned i picked up some soil substrate from ckmullin and started the process of moving my plants from the old tank to the new tank. Decided to use the Fluval stratum from the old tank on top of the soil, I had so many malaysian trumpet snails in the stratum and figured i should keep them and didnt want to go through the stratum trying to pick out all the snails. Picked up a Aqueon proflex sump at a great price, got it all connected, got my pressurized CO2 and my LEDs set back up. And now its looking pretty good Now all i need to do is stock it up.
  2. Tank Mates For Community Tank.

    Considering the fish I have in my fifty five gallon tank, what would be some good tank mates. Thanks!
  3. Breeding Gourami's

    I was recently given a pair of Honey Gourami's for my fresh water tank and I was wondering what is the trick to breeding them? I am failry sure one is a male and one is a female because of the colour indications I have been told about. I saw a hint of a bubble nest in a corner in my community tank but ti dissapeared now. Tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 75 Gallon Rookie With Questions

    Howdy folks. I'm new to the forum and the whole fish-keeping scene. I recently came into possession of a 75 gallon aquarium with all the goods (ie: grow-lights, filter, heater, etc). My plan is to create a diverse and active biosphere that hosts a number of different species without getting overstocked. At present I've got these guys all living with each other in peace. Once in a while the knife fish and crayfish joust for a dark place, but the tank has multiple locations for them to hide. 7 leopard danios 4 otoclinus 3 ameca splendens (not my favorite - came with the tank) 1 ghost knife fish 1 dwarf crayfish 1 betta 6 zebra nerite snails 3 zebra thorn snails I'd like to get a few more danios (12 total), and possibly some red cherry shrimp. Does anyone see any major problems? I am aware that the shrimp could become snacks for the other fish, but I think there will be enough places for them to hide in the aquascape I'm creating. I'm holding off on the shrimp for a couple more weeks. I'm also really wanting to figure out freshwater plants. I'd like to get some kind of tall or floating plants that do well with strong light - suggestions? I'd love any insights you can offer. Thanks!