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Found 9 results

  1. Hi from Brooks

    Hi All I'm a relative beginner to keeping fish. I set up a small 5 gallon Betta tank a few months ago and enjoyed it. Shortly after that my dad gave me his old 36 Gallon bow front that I am just now starting to stock. The cave structure I made myself from some natural slate tiles. So far I've stocked with a few Cherry Barbs and just added some Panda Corys. I'm looking forward to finishing stocking the tank over the next while.
  2. S. Am. Biotopes, Edmonton

    I have been born with the aquagene and have a life-long love for anything aquatic, in particular fishes. The closest thing to heaven is scuba diving in the ocean but for the remaining 50 weeks per year I need alternatives. I've kept aquaria off and on for the past 45 years and restarted a 90 gallon Orinoco biotope tank one month ago. I am hoping to find some like-minded local hobbyists to share experiences, tips, tricks and plants or fishes. Here is the tank after one month Current fishes: 16 red phantom tetra 7 otocinclus (I believe they are O. vittatus) 1 pair of Apistogramma macmasteri I'll post more specifics in other forums once I get better at taking pictures Cheers, Bart
  3. 120G Planted

    The wife gave me the blessing a couple weeks ago to upgrade my 50G corner tank to something a bit bigger, $200 was my limit. Found a great deal on kijiji for a 6' 120G, it was a little dirty, but after a couple hours i was able to scrap away most of the saltwater algae. Once it was all cleaned i picked up some soil substrate from ckmullin and started the process of moving my plants from the old tank to the new tank. Decided to use the Fluval stratum from the old tank on top of the soil, I had so many malaysian trumpet snails in the stratum and figured i should keep them and didnt want to go through the stratum trying to pick out all the snails. Picked up a Aqueon proflex sump at a great price, got it all connected, got my pressurized CO2 and my LEDs set back up. And now its looking pretty good Now all i need to do is stock it up.
  4. 50 Gallon Planted

    Got this tank from a friend so i decided to take all my plants from my Cichlid tank and setup a planted aquarium. I had some fish leftover from my sale so i stocked it with those fish as well. Here are some details: Fluval Stratum substrate PennPlax 300 Filter PS20 powerhead with sponge pre-filter Tetra Whisper internal filter Current USA Freshwater plus 48" LED lights Pressurized Co2 - utilizing the powerhead to diffuse the Co2 Plants: Rotala Pennywort Hornwort Anubias Java Fern Amazon Sword Fish: 30 Juvie Dragonblood Peacocks (I will want to get these guys out of here as soon as possible) Pair of breeding Kribensis (and about 10 fry) Common Pleco 2 Nerite Snails Ramshorns Planaria (i think)
  5. I noticed some new freshwater designs were a tank has 1-2 feet of water with fish, and the rest is a piece of wood for plants for a reptile to live. Does any one know what I am talking about and were to start for a design to build? I have lots of salt water experience but little to none with fresh water
  6. Fluval Edge - Lighting Solution

    Hi all, Just thought I would show a couple pictures of my solution for lighting the full area of the Fluval Edge 6g. My first thought was to upgrade the original light (which has been done) but that doesn't solve the problem of lighting the edges (ironic given the name of the tank). So here is my solution! This light bar is bonded pieces of Aluminum acting as a heat sink for high power LEDs, the bar should be giving out between 750 - 850 lumens additonal light to where it is needed most in this type of tank. These are the highest power LEDs I could source to fit inside this type of heat sink, they are capped, bonded and soldered into the frame. I'll be monitoring the tanks temperatures closely as I have a good handle on what they are without the extra light bar. On first impressions the whites of my CRS really pop out making them standout in lot of plant life. The edges of the tank are fully illuminated and I'll be keeping an eye on the plant growth! If anyone is interested I am considering making a lower profile version (depending on the temps) so PM if you think you might like one, I bought all the tools and seems a shame only to build one with all the gear.
  7. Ever since I'd gotten my hands on some rocks that are older than me... wait all rocks are older than all of us. I mean that have been in the family for longer than I am old that were brought over from Hong Kong by my Grandfather, I've been itching to rescape my tank. I finally bit the bullet and just went for it today. It was fun Before: which then later degraded into a mess and ended up as: At that point I'd been fighting cyano for months and months and killed it all off using H2O2. It worked awesome, but stressed out the plants a lot, specially the new stem plants that had been in there maybe 3 days before I decided to go chemical on the tank. This is the tank after re-scape. FTS: Top: Left: Right: The HC took a big hit and got really yellow but seems to be recovering now and the Red Watermilfoil and Asian Ambulia slowly had all their leaves melt but they all have new growth. They seem to be pretty weed-y, especially the Ambulia. I also added some Rotala Nanjenshan for some mid ground interest. I can't wait for the background plants to grow in and for the HC to green back up and see what the tank "should" look like I really like the rock on the left, but I'm feeling that the right could use just two small stones to balance out the visual flow and add a little bit of complexity to that side. I might dig around to see what smaller rocks I can come up with that can work there, but I'll give it a week to see how I feel about it. Any one have some constructive criticism for the rock layout and plant placement/selection? Ego stroking is also accepted.
  8. I'm running a 10g tank with a 2.6g sump. I am trying out the PPS Pro method of fertilizing and wondering if I should be dosing for my planted volume (10g) or if I should be dosing for total water volume (12g). Maybe the extra 2g in the sump doesn't make that much difference? Now that I've written it down, it probably isn't that vital since every tank is so different that one program can't account for every tank. That being said, I'm fine with sub-optimal performance in the 80% range as long as I'm not fighting with algae. Any one with experience?
  9. hello this is my frist time trying to plant a tank and i want to do it proper so i need to know what i should get before i buy the plants. all i know is that i need substrat,good light, and co2,what else would be a good idea and what do some of you recommand?