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  1. 55 gallon set up

    I like the idea of the africans. I'd go with a male peacock tank of several species, you'll get some great colors. Here's a bit of a starter list, you'll have to adjust for what you can find for sale. Aulonocara German Red Aulonocara maulana Protomelas Stevani Aulonocara Rubescens Ruby Red Aulonocara maylandia Aulonocara stuartgranti (usisya, ngara, cobue) Aulonocara lwanda Copadichromis trewavasae
  2. Stores selling stands

    I picked up a 55 gallon tank the other day and am looking for a stand to put it on. Needs to be at least 49" x 14" and around 30" high. I haven't had much look at my local fish store, and it seems that few places carry them from the looking I've done. Anyone have ideas on where to buy stands?
  3. New Tank - Stumped

    I might try bumping up the frequency of your water changes to try and keep the ammonia down to a manageable level. I've also cycled using a piece of raw shrimp as an ammonia source instead of live fish, but it can be a bit messy. I'd second the idea of a different fish type, maybe danios to cycle. Good luck
  4. Shy Cherry Barbs

    I recently added five cherry barbs to the five I already had in my community tank. Since I've added them the new barbs have basically stayed hiding even when feeding, and the old cherry barbs have been following them and hiding as well. Water parameters are all good, and my panda cory's all look and act fine. Has anyone ever seen behavior like this before.
  5. Hi from Brooks

    Hi All I'm a relative beginner to keeping fish. I set up a small 5 gallon Betta tank a few months ago and enjoyed it. Shortly after that my dad gave me his old 36 Gallon bow front that I am just now starting to stock. The cave structure I made myself from some natural slate tiles. So far I've stocked with a few Cherry Barbs and just added some Panda Corys. I'm looking forward to finishing stocking the tank over the next while.