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Found 4 results

  1. Hello from Calgary

    New to the forum but not to the aquatic scene. Glad to be here Current, 10G red fire shrimp/Ramshorn/planted 15G neon tetra/otocinclus/bristlenose pleco/shrimp culls/planted 90G demasoni/yellow labs/strawberry peacocks/bristlenose pleco/hornwort(reducing nitrates huge)
  2. Does anyone with Mystery Snails know what is going on?? I had two Ivory Mystery Snails in a 5G and two weeks ago they appeared to be mating! I will call the small snail a female and the large snail a male. So, one week ago I noticed that the female had become lethargic and was not eating. (she would not even drop back into the water when I was doing water changes.) I thought she was dead or dying twice and almost made the mistake of removing her from the tank. Yesterday, I transferred her tank mates (male snail, 2 African dwarf frogs) into a cycled 10G, left her in the 5G and dropped the water level 1" below the rim. This morning there is tissue residue and floating bubbles near the surface and she is laying dead like underneath the area. Is this a failed attempt to create an egg cone, or is she actually ill and perhaps dying??? Any help with this would be appreciated. :cry:
  3. Orange Rabbit Snail

    So, can anyone tell me from personal experience, if my little orange rabbit snail is the culprit for mowed plant material in the tank? There seems to be conflicting information on the web....big surprise there LOL. Thanks!
  4. Getting Back Into It

    Hi everyone, I've gotten back into this amazing hobby and have started up my tank. I have a 25-30 gallon tank (pic below) and am waiting for the water to cycle. I have the following planned for this tank: - 1 white angelfish -10 pristella tetra -2 german blue rams -1 apple snail -1 pleco I've had everything except the rams together in a 20 gallon tall before and it worked out very well. I'm looking forward to the stunning color combination! Since these fish tend to dwell in different levels, I think it'll be perfect for such a small setup. Here's the picture of the tank: http://imageshack.us...1028142518.jpg/ I made sure to leave enough room for the angel to swim, as well as the school. Just checked the levels today and they're as follows: pH=8.2 Ammonia=4.0 Nitrite=0 Nitrate=0 Since the tank just start cycling, I expect all of these to change by next week. What do you guys think of the setup and the fish I intend to have in there? Thanks in advance for any input! -Trina