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Hi From Vancouver!

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Hi Alberta Aquatica,

My name is Ray and I’m from the Vancouver area. What brings me here is I’ve been doing some Sulawesi shrimp research and I’ve been keeping cardinals and looking in getting some more. There’s a lot more active threads about them then in bcaquaria forums. I believe there’s more breeders here than in the GVA area. I’m trying to locate some Sulawesi white orchids and yellow cheeks

I’ve been keeping planted aquariums for a while and here’s a few photos of my current setup and my Sulawesi cardinals.

Made a purchase from SKA this week without any issues.

Look forward to chatting with you.


24427076410_d82cc26118_c.jpgCaridina dennerli by Raymond Wong, on Flickr

24604824722_322815fb3b_c.jpgCaridina dennerli by Raymond Wong, on Flickr

24696393826_82730a2ab5_c.jpgCaridina dennerli by Raymond Wong, on Flickr

24840316096_8045dc979d_c.jpgCaridina dennerli, by Raymond Wong, on Flickr

24498992759_8727f632be_c.jpgCaridina dennerli, by Raymond Wong, on Flickr

24026407093_e34463e18d_c.jpgJan 27th aqarium update by Raymond Wong, on Flickr

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