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Betta help??

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Hi there, yesterday around 11:30am, I noticed that my betta's tank was tipped over and all of the water was out. I went searching and found him, almost dead, and put him in a measuring cup of water with some water conditioner that helps with stress and restores their slime. We have no idea how long he was out of the water for.

Today, I cleaned his tank (and gravel and tree) and put same temperature water in the tank. After putting him back, he seemed to be very stressed, so added a  bit more of the water conditioner. He was laying at the bottom, lopsided. After reading some other posts about betta's being at the top of their tank and since he wasn't using his fins to swim to the top, I stuck a finger into his tank and guided him to the top where he blew some bubbles. After this, he seemed to be swimming a bit better and is able to float in the water near the top.

Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what to do?


UPDATE: He passed away this morning.

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27 minutes ago, SomethingIsFishy said:

Can u put something for him to rest on near the water surface?

I found a small container for him to rest on. The water in his tank is about half full and he seems to be hanging out on the container once i guided him towards it.

Here's what his tank looks like right now, thank you for responding!


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