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Hello! Newbie here!

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Hello everyone, I'm a newbie 

You can call me Diva and I have 2 fish tanks currently. One is a 55 gallon community tank that is freshly planted and a 75 gallon that I'm currently rescaping/restocking. I have been fish keeping for about 2 or 3 years.

I would love to overload you with pics but I'm currently getting used to my camera so quality isn't the best. However I am working on a YoutTube channel that will blog my progress with both tanks. If anyone is interested in watching my journey, let me know so I can shoot you a link to my channel!

So far my horde includes 30 rasbora, 10 pepper cory cats, 4 angel fish, 2 ancistrus pleco (normal & albino), 1 L204 flash pleco and in the other tank I have a rainbow shark, some mixed african cichlids and 2 raphael's striped catfish.

I plan on setting up a small tank for nursery / quarantine purposes, but we will see how my fish room comes along first!

It's a pleasure to meet everyone here! I hope in time I can show some of you my fish tanks :)




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Haha. I had one tank and when I got fry I though that was a good excuse for a 10 gallon nursery tank. Then I got a sick fish and the nursery tank had fry so I "was forced" to get another 10 gallon tank. I'm now 24 tanks later, but still loving it.

Good luck with the rescape. Unfortunately ABaquatica isn't good for uploading pictures, but you can put in links to pictures or youtube videos.

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