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I'm back!

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Good morning everyone,

I was a fairly active member of this site a few years ago - I had a 47 tank fish room and was breeding pseudomugil furcatus along with various strains of killifish. We moved away from Alberta and sadly I sold every single thing right down to the last air pump. 

Fast-forward a few years and we are now settled in Paris, Ontario. My basement just happens to have this semi-finished room begging for something to happen in it! So here we go again! 

Starting from scratch genuinely sucks and I dread the cost of starting over, but we'll baby step it and see how things go. Anyway, I've also joined the GTA Aquatica forum, but since you were all such a great resource, I thought I would reactivate my account here as well. 

Looking forward to getting reacquainted with you all.


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Welcome back. I don't blame you for not hauling 47 tanks across the country but I am shocked that you did not keep even one!

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There are also advantages in starting from scratch, such as learning from what you did and did not like about your previous setup. If costs is an issue you can always look out for other poor souls selling their equipment for "must be sold now' prices.

Good luck with the new setup.

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