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  1. Tank repair needed...where & who

    That appears to be what was attempted the first time. So if we peeled all the old silicone off and started over, that will be a sufficient fix?
  2. Tank repair needed...where & who

    OH its not just a resealing issue I think the original glass on the bottom is cracked. Whoever made the repair just applied a bunch of silicone over the damaged area, placed another piece of glass over it and then applied a crap load of more silicone around the "patch".
  3. So my husband surprised me with a tank for Christmas. I think he got it off someone on kijiji. I wasn't in a position to get it setup right away so its been sitting in the living room since then. I was a bit distressed by this "gift" as it has a massive patch job done on the bottom of the tank but he was assured that it held water. Turns out that was not the truth. Filled it up last weekend to test out a filter and make sure it would hold water and it leaks. My husband pipes up and says "we can just add some more silicone or re-silicone it". If you knew my husband you would be very scared by that statement. If it had been me I would have left the tank where it was as soon as I saw the damage but its here now so where can I have it looked at and determined if it is possible to repair? Its not easy to move around the tank is 72x18x30 so essentially 170 gallons. Or is it cheaper just to replace the tank? I have not purchased a new tank for awhile. Its just a plain tank no modifications. We are located in Airdrie.
  4. Brass Permaseal

    Anyone know where I can purchase a Brass Permaseal for a Co2 tank in Calgary?
  5. Alright folks ...pictures as promised

    Well 24 hours after installing the UV sterilizer my tank is crystal clear...WOW! I had to take the weed whacker in after the plants because everything went crazy during the last week while I couldn't see anything. Just when I got that under control my Co2 cylinder ran out .... I may want to change up to a 10 lbs tank if I'm going to be filling this one every 2 months. I'll post some more pictures in a couple weeks I'm going to let it recover from the pruning I gave it. I have cuttings from these plants if anyone is interested Rotala Rotundifolia Limnophila sessiliflora hygrophila polysperma 'sunset' Shinnersia rivularis "Weiss-Grun"
  6. The consequences of procrastination...

    Werner how on earth do you get any light into your tank with all that stuff floating on top....LOL!
  7. Odd behavior after water change

    Well that's why I went with 2 caps, I figured more couldn't hurt in this case. I only changed about 30% of the water out which wouldn't even be the 50 gallons for 1 cap.
  8. Alright folks ...pictures as promised

    Someone in Calgary want to borrow me a UV sterilizer for about a week...LOL. The mineralized soil was supposed to be to do away with the ferts, however the more reading I did I found that the consensus was that there where still some plants that would not do well or perform as well with that alone. An example would be Heteranthera zosterifolia or Stargrass. I really like it so I did some more reading. I found some info although very vague indicating that the mineralized soil and a moderate fert regime could go hand in hand. The gentleman that originally posted about the mineralized soil seems firmly apposed to this. However my thinking is that by using a system like PPS Pro which is designed to give you approximately what the plants will use up totally in a day shouldn't be a hindrance in any way. Now my green water problem could be a result of my experimenting. Over all the plants love the soil you can notice a marked difference from when you put the plants in to about a week later when they have developed roots into the soil layer they really get perked up. You should see some of the root structures on some of these plants in only a couple weeks time, I've still been rearranging so I have had to pull up plants to move them, there pretty impressive. And Werner I'm sure I can find somewhere to put more plants if I'm creative.....esthetically I am in need of some really dark green I think, I added some Nomaphila Stricta yesterday I'll see it will be good addition just because it is a broad leaf plant as opposed to a lot of the rest.
  9. So instead of taking up space here with the photos, and as a project just to experiment with how googles "Sites" option works I have been messing around with a web page just for my aquarium pictures. Here is the link http://sites.google.com/site/gsaquariumprojects/home I have a Green Water problem as the last pictures show. I haven't figured out what to do about the green water at this stage yet. I don't really want to do a blackout as the plants are really starting to grow really nicely.
  10. Mascara Barbs Fighting OR........

    Oh Great! Have to be blush tho I don't have any gloss.
  11. Odd behavior after water change

    Well I used 2 caps of Prime with the water change this time and everyone behaved normal so I guess it has to be the chlorine. I have never had an issue with the smaller tank but I guess the increased amount of water must make a difference. I figured 20% of a 33 gallon would make the same difference as 20% of the 135 gallon. Guess I need to buy some more Prime.
  12. CO2

    I have been watching the water movement today and I think maybe I still have some "dead" spots in regards to current. Maybe I need to ad another koralia and change where the filter return is situated.
  13. Odd behavior after water change

    The shrimp start going crazy almost immediately after the water starts to go into the tank. They cruise around the tank out in the open for about an hour after the water starts getting put in the tank and then go back to their usual hidy holes. The corys they just seem to go completely still or at least most of them I have 8 and one seems to be completely unaffected and goes about his business as usual the others park themselves on the gravel or a plant and stay that way for at least an hour. Then gradually they just go about their usual routine.
  14. Odd behavior after water change

    I'm not using any conditioners I never have on the smaller cichlid tank we have. It is a 135 gallon tank and the water change is done via a python hose to the tap. Werner you may be right about the pH the tap water is about 7.5 and the pH in the tank sits at about 6.5. Is that much of a swing going to harm them in any way? The difference is probably only half that amount or less as I would never be changing more than 50% of the water.
  15. CO2

    What is the popular opinion regarding Co2 do you turn it off at night or leave it on. I have been turning it off and I think the up and down swings are causing some of my algae problems, yes no, maybe?