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  1. Tank Mates For Blue Dolphin Cichlids

    I have in my 125 gallons tank, with my blue dolphin, Frontosa, yellow labs, blue ahli ( fryeri), some time they go after each other but never fight.My fish are between 3 and 7"
  2. Hello From Edmonton

    First if you decide to go with peacocks, african cichlids, no plants, LAke Malawi is rocks and sand, Second if you start with a 65 gallons tank ( 4' long) you can have a very nice show tank all males. I would say in 65 gallons between 20 to 25 peacocks of different species will be very nice and full of colors.
  3. 55 gallon set up

    I agree with MBOOKER, Show tank all males peacocks, even some peaceful haps, would look great. If you go only peacocks I'd 15 is a nice number. If you want to mix peacocks and haps, I would say 10,as the haps get a bit bigger than peacocks.
  4. Hello everyone

    Thank you.
  5. Hello everyone

    My name is Robert, I am in the african cichlid for over 15 years as a hobbyist and a breeder. Peacocks, and Haps. Originally from Quebec, I move to Calgary Ab, in 1989 with my family, and since Calgary has become our home.