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  1. Lighting for 55 gallon planted tank

    Hi I am interested in hearing everyone's suggestions on the best lighting for a reasonable price for a heavily planted 55 gallon tank.. Any and all suggestions are welcome, TIA
  2. Red-Tailed Shark w/h others?

    I'd recommend alot more than two Rummynose Tetras, they do best in very large schools imo and in my experience.. For example I have a school of 55 Rummynose Tetras in an 80 gallon tank with six Angelfish, a managerie of assorted Coryadors and Plecos.. The larger the school the more awesome the viewing.. Just my opinion tho..
  3. Feeding Cardinal/small Tetras

    I feed live Microworms, Grindal worms and BBS, as well as Golden Pearls and Flake foods. They are voracious feeders and are super active, that way you know they are eating.. I have Black Neon Tetras and Black Emperor TETRAS, as well as any dozen or so Albino Coryadors and five Ottocats and a single Silvertip Pleco into my 45 gallon tank btw