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  1. My 1600 Gal Plywood Tank And Basement Setup

    the words "amazing" and "wow" were posted a lot for a reason..............same reply from me, all are awesome, i really like the unique look to the discus tank and the wood you have in there going verticle looks really good
  2. Hybrids! ( Flowerhorns )

    see you are still at it a bit...Im in australia for the winter ...but will be back at some flowerhorns when i get back..heading to thailand after this I may pick some out. .have you had any luck yet? have they shown any interest in eachother? I would have tried him with a really nice female red devil or red parrot and tried to get some color on those babies..........good luck
  3. Remove

  4. Abjd Growth Picture

    oustanding! im jealous
  5. Abjd Growth Picture

    I love these little guys, for fry which are usually pretty bland and borring, i think they are particularly good looking, and it will be interesting to see when they turn blue! I kind of regret not getting some of these guys, they were a huge reason for me getting so into the hobby caught my eye but then i got scared to keep them as a newby lol. awesome thread jonah.and good work.
  6. Weening Of Bbs

    good luck! you can use hikari first bites, my fry took it within the first week, ive heard of a lot of ppl starting straight off the bat with this...also another thing i havent tried would be to use your favorite pellet in a pepper grinder. I may try that next time if i ever have fry again. Very interesting that you are seeing the differences in the fry, in the fry that you believe are eb's are you also finding that they are smaller than the carriers? On another note, its been over a year since ive had babies, but im pretty sure bbs lose their nutritional value after 24 or 48 hours ish? might be something worth looking into, and in my opinion these babies should be more than ready to start on flake (powder) foods, just keep it clean as im sure you already know, and feed in tiny amounts with a straw. I understand you wanting to be more careful with these guys though especially the blues as they are known to be more sensitive...cant wait to see pics cheers
  7. looking for the best place and price to get these in calgary?
  8. Spnge Filters And/or Filter Sponges Calgary

    ok thanks, i think ill look into the 12 by 12, where did you pick that up?
  9. Spnge Filters And/or Filter Sponges Calgary

    kinda just looking for the cheapest thing to go on my aquaclear filter intakes....going to check dollar store tommorow for cheap sponges, just the square type but the actual sponge filter looks better...any tips would be good for cheapest place to go
  10. My Flowerhorn

    nice pics!
  11. My Flowerhorns

    Got these guys in from Thailand. One Fully Faded male with huge head potential,nice short face,strong tale and balanced finnage at 4 inches. Two short body thai silk (only one pictured)they are 1.5 inches--these guys have unbelievable personalities, they are like little puppies waiting at the tank for me, and they are both completely round lol funny to watch, also the one pictured is getting a bump on his head too. And last but not least, one regular bodied Thai silk fry @ 2inches , who has head pontetial as well. Cant wait to get these guys out of de-parasiting and quarantine (a must for fish comming from thailand as they usually all use live foods)...they are all juvies.... but so far so good! enjoy
  12. those aros are awesome love the platinum!!
  13. yea apparently the freezing method still creates a lot of stress, ill get the clove oil and do the clove oil freezer combo....thanks for advice
  14. Clove Oil

    I have to put down one of my fish who was injured and has since become infected now beyond repair despite his quarantine, salt, melafix etc, anyways I want to use the clove oil and alchohol method, just not sure where to get clove oil in calgary and the price? alchohol portion isnt an issue :P ..tried wal mart pharmacy, no luck! thanks..
  15. Clove Oil

    thanks bud, do you know the price?
  16. Considering Flowerhorns

    I am aware the pair your speaking about, they are decent flowerhorns, espcially for a newbie to FH's you did a good job in avoiding a lot of the low end fish which make up the majority. As for food, I am a fan of NLS, you will hear varied reviews just like with anything else in terms of what you should feed, but whatever you feed your other large cichlids you mentioned (i.e. red devil)would be fine for these fish as well. As for breeding,that male was with hundreds of fry, you may sell them off to a pet store and what you mentioned (tank cramming) will likely happen, if you dont want this dont breed them, with the alternative being that you are ok with culling the fry yourself and\or using them as feeders. Usually only a couple of fry are picked out to grow out as they mature and show potential, the rest are culled off. Also, that pair definetly has some thai silk in them. If you are ok with the realities of having to deal with hundreds of babies and what may become of them, then go for it, you may have a chance of getting something nice out of that pair, but as im sure you are aware you just never know with hybrids as they can pull genes from so many directions, good luck , and regardless of your plans enjoy your fish and dont overthink it! Another idea if you are not wanting to do the whole dealing with babies thing, is to give your male his own tank and see how he matures while pumping him up, this is what most people do with FH's. cheers
  17. Gravel Vac

    Im trying to find a good one, the type that primes itself by pumping but also that does NOT fall apart in doing so? the ones I get seem to be so cheap and have a hard time getting the flow going as well since they just fit together (not screw or anything) they come apart if you pump it too hard grrr anyone know of a good one or where to get it?!
  18. Gravel Vac

    thanks I have the big one that goes to the sink but I need one just for quick little cleaning of the smaller tanks without setting up the big system...a portable one i guess...thanks though!
  19. Hey Jlake, any chances at getting pics of these rays? also, how big are they now?
  20. We have already lost waaay to many hobbiests due to suspensions... Maybe, it's more important to worry about the hobbyists that either quit posting or quit the site altogether, than the few that happen to be suspended as a result of their actions. I agree with willie. Also, I think its safe to say that most if not all people posting on here are at least or over 15 years old, and with that (actually even younger) there is no reason for people to be rude to others on here, which I have experienced first hand more times than I can count on both hands on this site. It certainly would have been easy as a newbie to turn away from the hobby or at least this site based on what I experienced from a lot of people, Its beyond me why anyone would even be so childish and not talk like mature adults, especially in such great numbers, perhaps its largely a result of the 'easy to be a bully behind a computer screen safely hidden in your home" syndrom, Im thankful I stuck with it despite this, and even had those same rude people come back wanting things from me that they couldnt get their hands on themselves,asking for advice etc. kind of funny how things go. Anyways my point is if you are old and smart enough to type on a computer and figure out a forum, then you are old enough to have some general good manners,and I dont believe there should be any tolerance for anything less than that, disagreements happen of course, but if you cant be a decent human and discuss things in a mature way than we are better off without them anyways.
  21. blood parrot breeders

    no one really knows except the breeders, several people have ideas. Apparently the original creator insists they are not a hybrid , but instead a variant of red devil. Im glad you like them, I like them too, as long as they are healthy and happy and not mutalated (some people cut their tales off to make them heart shaped) or dyed as you mentioned I see no problem with them, great personality, you should post some pics cheers
  22. Finally! Some action!

    I think they are too far apart species-wise for cross breeding anyways, I have yet to see such a cross, otherwise i think JD's in general (including EB's) would make for some awesome gene contributions to flowerhorns and such. Good luck with the fry Jonah, no judgement here...I started on this forum openly talking about flowerhorns when many others wouldnt, now it seems for the most part to not be such a taboo keep it out of AA subject....and yes that info from RD is good.......good luck!
  23. Finally! Some action!

    nice congrats , are the blue genes the fry you bred yourself grown up? pics would be awesome!
  24. picture tank

    where did you pick this up? looks pretty cool!
  25. filter floss

    Just curious where to get some, can I just use that stuffing stuff for pillows or whatever from the fabric area of wal mart? is there anything I should watch out for? lookin for cheap, in calgary