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  1. Cyano Making Me Crazy!

    if I remember correctly.. cyano tends to grow in areas of low flow... Does the cyano come back in the exact same area all the time? You have a large tank but I would guess even the FX5 doesnt keep the water moving consistently around the entire tank. Try putting in an extra power head or filter to get the water moving in all areas of the tank.
  2. Hi There

    Hi Greg, Welcome to the forum!
  3. Hey There! Cgy

    Welcome to the forum!
  4. Prl Update

  5. Hey From Rd

    Not from RD but Welcome to the forum! You can use a service like photobucket to post images on here rather than upload them directly to the site. There are other options as well and I am sure someone else can suggest some others. You could order some LED fixtures from places like one of our site sponsors Angelfins.ca or you can go to someplace like finnex.ca for some great units as well. As with anything in this hobby, research before you buy!
  6. Wow, My First Baby Rays

    Awesome! cant wait to see the bouncing baby rays!
  7. Hello

  8. Hello

    Hello and welcome to the site. +1 to pics!
  9. Hey Everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the site.
  10. Trumpet Snail Question

    I have some too...in NW part of the city.
  11. Evolution Of My 65 Gallon Planted Tank

    parrots feather and cant tell what the other 2 are from the pic. probably rotala indica/rotundafolia? That pogostemon stellatus is going crazy for you eh! Just so you know, the longer you have it closer to the light, the bigger the stem will grow in diameter. I had one that was easily 1cm across in my tank.
  12. 150 Gallon Build

    The little fishy in QT looks like she might have some aggression issues... lol :rofl: This is going to look nice!
  13. 30 Gallon Long Aquascape

    Two big thumbs up from me! Very serene looking.
  14. My First Shrimp Tank

    Looks nice. You could put some smaller foreground plants in front and maybe tuck that java fern in behind the wood on the right. Also maybe tie the moss down or spread it more laterally but my moss gets pretty wild too.