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  1. My Super Red

    (conservative and modest) Doing a great job with this fish my friend, well over 15". Water changes and good food?
  2. My Super Red

    This is a very nice looking Arowana, good luck with your Arowana. keep the picturs comeing. :thumbs: (Not that you need luck.) My skilled and knowledgeable frend.
  3. Your the man..... That is the best I have seen.. Great job...
  4. Air in Fluval 403

    I do not like my 404 and wish I could sell it. Because of air lock ups. leaks and problems with O-ring, Impeller and shaft...
  5. Who all keeps Asian arowana here?

    Yes you musst add pic of your arowans and 550gl tank. This setup is a must see!
  6. Who all keeps Asian arowana here?

    I am a keeper of Asian arowanas. :thumbs: :thumbs: For now I have a Chill red and a Blue X back
  7. Who all keeps Asian arowana here?

    I am a keeper of Asian arowanas. :thumbs: :thumbs:
  8. Scraping silicone...sucks

    Help me with this what is ( Neutralizer spray)
  9. 225gal setup

    Where are you going to get your tank stand built. In Edmonton? How much will the stand cost? ( I am looking for a stand also) Nice looking Tank!!
  10. sump size

    I need some information on sump size. How do you know how big of a sump you need for your tank? I have a 224.42gl tank and would like to get a sump for it.
  11. New Motoro

    Looks great to me, very nice, where did you get it?I am looking for a pair.
  12. Pigeon Lake

    Where on Pigeon lake were you.? My son and I would like some of that action.
  13. time to post pictures of my new babies

    Lol I know, everytime you'd post something on there Lyder would call me over to look at all the stupid replies. And my comment was actually Lyder's lol. Yeah well I wanted to post pics earlier but Lyder wanted to make sure they were doing good before we showed them to the world. And that's really the only good pic we have of them right now but when we get more I'll post them. The Rays are very nice and were did you get them from ?
  14. ich

    I can relate to every thing that you are saying. But what are you goting too do.
  15. getting tank built?

    Whos got a good rep for building good tanks in Alberta for chep.