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DIY LED powerful enough for high-tech tank

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I made two 4-footers to act as second lights over two 24" deep (front to back) tanks which is too wide for a single light to cover unless you raise it up. Cost for each light about $35. Each can generate up to 4400 lumens. One participant build a light for a 5' tank using a single 4' module, also rated at 4400 lumens. The host showed 2' lights he had built in a much smaller package so it would fit in a narrow space between tank and shelf. Another light was built using 3 daisy-chained modules including one double-intensity module, but I didn't see the final product. A neat trick was to use rain gutter as the light housing for which you can buy water-tight end-pieces that will be more durable than my tape solution. Some others were going to assemble their lights at home.

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