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Bowing Stand

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I have a 60 gallon tank 48x24x12 with a mdf stand. I got the tank and stand 2nd hand and it was in good shape when i purchased it about a year ago. 

I have noticed that there is a little bit of a bow in the center of the stand. Less than a cm. You cannot see through to the other side. I believe the bow was caused from water damage and the mdf has just sagged. 

There is no center brace on the stand, but there is no sagging that i can tell from underneath. 

How much trouble am I in? 

What stands or places in Edmonton that i can get a good stand. Preferrably under 300 bucks as money is a bit of an issue. 

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If there is room under the stand, you could cut some 2x4 and wedge them vertically to provide support.

Are you handy?  Have a saw and drill?  There are a tonne of YouTube videos on building stands for pretty cheap.

Do you know a shop teacher?  You could touch base with them and have the students (I'd stick w/ NAIT and post-secondary to be safe, tho High School kids could do it, too) build a stand, maybe for the cost of parts and a couple large pizzas.  I've worked out deals like that in the past... though I can't remember where I met the teacher. Might have been this forum or CanReef, maybe somewhere else.

Go to used furniture stores - Architectural Clearing House and ReStore are 2 off the top of my head - and get a solid wood desk/cabinet.

Check the sales at LFS - you should be able to get a "proper aquarium stand" for less than $300.  Though, as you found out, those MDF stands don't last if they get a bit of water on them

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I agree with jvision - some 2x4 put in would be good. If you have trouble getting the 2x4's in there, you could cut them short, then squeeze some PL premium / subfloor adhesive in there - strong enough for your house floors, strong enough for your tank.


Along with the places mentioned, "The Find" often has old tables / desks.

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