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  1. Rectangular Stock Tanks

    Try Concept aquariums. They can make one in about 3 days.
  2. What's Everyone Using For Substrate

    Just plain old gravel with an undergravel filter
  3. Co2 Systems

  4. Eheim Pro 3 No Prime Pita!

    Finally found the one for my eheim. Hope this helps. If it pop's out from under the retainer ring l get lot's of noise and the only way to get water movement is to hold down the prime button.
  5. Eheim Pro 3 No Prime Pita!

    Can't see it on the parts list but it is the "black" flexible elbow in this picture. If you want send me a pm and you can come take a look at my 2080 or I'll drop by your place. I'm in Woodbine.
  6. Eheim Pro 3 No Prime Pita!

    On the bottom of the motor/head part ,the ring you had to remove to check the impeller is a cream/yellow elbow feeding into the impeller. Pop the ring back off and reattach the elbow. 99% sure that the problem
  7. I have heard there are iron test strips but no idea on accuracy or availability.
  8. I would be more worried about iron or rust. You could put it in a pail after checking ph, hardness etc. And see if it changes in a week.
  9. Silicone Use In Running Tank With Fish

    Pieces or big al's. But only get the small tube because it is expensive.
  10. Silicone Use In Running Tank With Fish

    Orca underwater black silicon. Have used it in the aquarium with fish in with no side effects. Only problem is getting it to stay on something wet.
  11. Aquarium Rocks

    I hate thick stone. Only because I get to carry it.
  12. Aquarium Rocks

    Granite is a fine grained metamorphic rock. Marble is calcius limestone. The only place you might get away with marble is in a saltwater tank. A slab when it arrives is about 5' X 9' and 1 1\4 thick. Sizes very but not usually the thickness. The edges can be (asside from cut) broken, hammered or chiselled to get the edge (and\or shape) you are looking for.
  13. Aquarium Rocks

    I work in a granite shop. If you want granite pieces ( ie; sink cutouts) just let me know. Price FREE.
  14. I Don't Get This Logic...

    So what do they do if one of their fish kills another? Kill it? Now what about the store employee who did the killing?
  15. Recommendation: Uv Sterilizer

    http://www.jlaquatics.com/product/uv-pa08w/Lifegard+Aquatics+Lifegard+UV+Sterilizer+-+15+Watt.htmlis the one I use just because of the replacement parts. Then I don't have to replumb every time something breaks down.