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Found 12 results

  1. My 4 tanks 3/10/2017

    Heres a bunch of pix from my 4 tanks. hope you can figure out the order.
  2. Hello from Calgary

    New to the forum but not to the aquatic scene. Glad to be here Current, 10G red fire shrimp/Ramshorn/planted 15G neon tetra/otocinclus/bristlenose pleco/shrimp culls/planted 90G demasoni/yellow labs/strawberry peacocks/bristlenose pleco/hornwort(reducing nitrates huge)
  3. A lady I know has plecos that spawned. She said the parents are about 5 inches long. These guys are only about 3/4 inch long and I have 2 in my planted nursery tank. I didn't want to throw them in my 46 gallon that has my three 6 inch fancy goldfish, I wanted them to grow a bit. So far they aren't eating the plants (it's okay if they do, I have it planted just for cover for my fry) I have only ever had the huge common plecos before, and would love it if these were the ones that stay small and don't eat plants. Are these seam bristle nose? Thanks Pleco-people!!!
  4. In Search Of:

    I am looking to add a breeding pair or group of the following: Bristlenose Pleco (Calico, reds, albino) Green Phantom Pleco Blue Phantom Pleco Farlowella Catfish (albino would be really awesome) I am from Lethbridge but I would be willing to drive to Calgary or Medicine Hat to pick up. Pet stores simply don't have the types I would like or the health. Please let me know prices and what you have. I am also open to suggestion if you know of a cool type of Pleco that's affordable. Thank you Blake
  5. Here is a link to Photobuck with the L25 and L114 trying to intimidate each other over a piece of food - Repashy Meat Pie. Quite funny how they really go at each other. The L24 (17") is the king of the tank right now but he leaves these two 11-12" alone to play. The L177 in the background just stays high on the cave and avoids these two. http://s1301.photobucket.com/user/cjerrom/media/L25%20-%20Red%20Scarlet%20Pleco/L25tailfins_zps8c020851.jpg
  6. I have my 8" sail fin pleco (I believe thats what kind he is anyway) in my 75 gallon discus aquarium. I've had him for five years (one of my first ever fish) so I'm attached to him. He's only that big because he lived in a 20 gallon until early last year, I was a newb when I bought him. But I've spent a lot of money on my discus/plants/sand, pretty much everything. He strips my plants and scares my Discus. I changed my whole tank just for my Discus and it sucks that after all of that work, he scares them by following them (I'm assuming it's a territorial thing.) so, with all of that, I think it's time to find him a more suitable home with even more room and lots of algae to snack on. I don't even want to try local petstores because they are so careless in who they sell plecos to. Are there any big time aquarium places that may be looking for algae eaters/ cool fish to show? Or even people with huge aquariums that have gravel/a heavier substrate? (The poop sucks up easier in gravel because it breaks up in between the rocks). He eats all of the leftover food in the tank too. I'd love to find him a great home, he's beautiful, and p.s, his name is Johnny
  7. Hydra In My Bn Tank

    So... picked up 5 BN's from Harold today and when I got home put them in a 10 gallon I had previously used for my RCS. The tanks been sitting empty for a while (stripped of all plants and shrimp) and just been sitting with the substrate and some random snails in it. I had done a water change out, put in a sponge filter and added some (brand new) malaysian driftwood. After I got the plecos acclimated and turned the light on, lo and behold hydra on the glass. My question is what's the potential problem here? Don't think they're going to be able to hurt the BN's but I'd still like to get rid of them. I've heard spixi snails do a good clean up on the little buggers, but will the BN's just take care of them on their own? I'd eventually like to breed my BN's once they get a little bigger and definitely don't want to be battling hydras at the same time. On a side not, the 10G won't be their permanent home. Just a place to chill out for the next few weeks until I set up my empty 55G for them. Was kinda hoping to use the ten for fry eventually though.
  8. Hi everyone, 2 months ago I put a LFS BN pleco in our malawi cichlid fry tank. Everything seemed to be going well for a while (pretty much the whole two months). Tank levels were normal i.e. ammonia 0, nitrates 0, nitrites 0. He/She was doing a great job of keeping the tank clean than all off a sudden dead. I believe I noticed him/her dead very shortly as no tank levels had spiked. Pleco seemed happy and was supplemented with some NLS wafers a couple times a week. The only thing I can think of is that the pH levels were too much for it as I keep it at 8.2 for the cichlids. I've read various articles stating that this was fine for the plecos and also not fine for them. Seeing it was doing so well I never thought much of it. Anyone else had much experience with plecos in high pH levels. I have a common pleco in my 90G cichlid tank that is at a consistent 8.2pH with no problems for almost a year now, it is over 9 inches. Does the size make a difference or should I be looking for some outside circumstance. Thanks for the response
  9. I will start with the pics first as I could only upload three due to their size. Any help with this process as I would like to have uploaded 10 more 500Kb but they were too large? L-330 - He is my tank master at over 12.5" - there are some large L-191/190's as well that he likes to push around as well as my Blue Eyed Pleco (P.Suttoni) which is 10.5" L-200 - Green Phantom new addition (group of 5) LDA-31 - 4"-5" - Mustard Plecos - (group of 5) I will post more but you can see there are also Bleeding Heart Tetras, Red Tail Hemiodus, Congo's, and many Eartheaters from Suramenis, Jurapari, and a few odd ball varieties. Plecos are really my thing and I have to probably get another tank soon as I have filled this 300 gallon to capacity with fish. Landscape - to large 48" pieces with natural gravel - looks yellow in the pictures but its natural brown Filtration - two FX5 filters that have to be cleaned weekly - seriously the plecos clog these filters up (2hr clean up) Water changes - 25% weekly - cannot be missed! UV Sterilizer - 18W Turbo Twist keeps the tank water clear Tank is kept at 27 C with one 300water Inline (Hydor) and Two older style 300watt Jager Heaters before they went high tech! as back up Two powerheads to circulate and two air pumps to keep the water aerated to its maximum - Plecos love oxygen! Lights are LED's with night time blue lights for moonlight glow - don't really know why I have this as I am not at the office at night! Feeding daily - four ,med Zucchini's - sliced and attached with elastic bands, one yam sliced, kale and Spinach anchored to stones and algae wafers. Looking forward to trying the Repashy food shortly for the rave reviews I see on CanadaPleco. Other plecos with no pics yet: LDA19- Mega clown pleco (10 @ 2.5") L91- Three Beacon Pleco (1@ 3") L007- Galaxias- babies (3@2.5") L128- Blue Phantom (5 @ 3") L200- Green Phantom (6@ 2.5-3") L201- Inspector Pleco (4@2") P.Suttoni - Large Blue Eyed Pleco (10.5") L127- Wood Pleco (8@4") - mistakenly ordered these thinking they were 129's!! Not very pretty but sure eat a lot of plant material!
  10. Getting Back Into It

    Hi everyone, I've gotten back into this amazing hobby and have started up my tank. I have a 25-30 gallon tank (pic below) and am waiting for the water to cycle. I have the following planned for this tank: - 1 white angelfish -10 pristella tetra -2 german blue rams -1 apple snail -1 pleco I've had everything except the rams together in a 20 gallon tall before and it worked out very well. I'm looking forward to the stunning color combination! Since these fish tend to dwell in different levels, I think it'll be perfect for such a small setup. Here's the picture of the tank: http://imageshack.us...1028142518.jpg/ I made sure to leave enough room for the angel to swim, as well as the school. Just checked the levels today and they're as follows: pH=8.2 Ammonia=4.0 Nitrite=0 Nitrate=0 Since the tank just start cycling, I expect all of these to change by next week. What do you guys think of the setup and the fish I intend to have in there? Thanks in advance for any input! -Trina
  11. Sick Plecostomus

    My Chocolate Albino Pleco is very sick. i think it may be severe finrot. Reason being why i didnt detect it before is because his fins didnt really change color. atleast not noticibly. I dont know what medicine to use for finrot but im going to go to the store tomorrow ans ask around. it might be past being able to save him but i have to try. if anybody knows what this may be orcan confirm whether or not it is just severe rot that would be great. also if you know what medicine i need and how to go about treating him that would be great! im very new to this website but it looks promising :-D
  12. Hi Fin Albino Pleco

    hey all, I got 3 albino plecos at the auction today and I am having a heck of a time figuring out anything specific about them. I have a 36 gallon tank. How big do they get? Are they heavy eaters? Any information that I can get will help Thanks