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  1. One week until the C.A.S. Fall Auction, Montgomery Community Hall, start @ 11:00
  2. A.C.E. auction October 1, usual time and place, coordinating with the A.C.E. workshop weekend speakers the day before On Sept. 30, at the same location starting at 11:00
  3. Nano fish that wont hide

    Might be some in the A.C.E. auction on Sunday
  4. A.C.E. Spring Auction 2017

    Not vampires....Corydoras
  5. A.C.E. Spring Auction 2017

    Only 6 more sleeps
  6. A.C.E. Spring Auction 2017

    Your birthday?
  7. Riverfront Aquariums Finale

    Can you explain what was the decision was ? Don't bother, I just read the Herald article. I can only speak for the fish side of things, and I thought that the fish were adequately cared for.
  8. Next A.C.E. auction, April 9, 2017, usual time, usual place
  9. Fish Breeding Books Or Websites

    You've got the idea, just ask.
  10. Fish Breeding Books Or Websites

    join ACE. There are people there who have much experience breeding fish in our local water. ACE also has probably the most extensive tropical fish library for use by members.
  11. Cas Fall Auction October 2

    Only way to know for sure is to come for the viewing between 10 & 11
  12. Allendale Community Hall, 7:30. Birger is a moderator of the African Catfish section of Planetcatfish. All welcome
  13. My Snakeheads !

    Thank you! Alas we can only dream...
  14. Fluoridation & Fish