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  1. Why Oh Why?

    Ameca splenden fry have a black dot (circle) at the base of the tail. Very distinct.
  2. Cas Auction October 18Th

    Fishclubgirl if you are going to be at the Edmonton auction, I will buy some portholes and liberty mollies off you.
  3. I thought I had seen somewhere that the auction was 25 Oct, am I mistaken?
  4. Cas Auction October 18Th

    I have x montezumae or goodeids (Ameca, orange tailed and chapalichthys) but am not sure if I will be at the Calgary auction, I live in Edmonton
  5. Cas Auction October 18Th

    Is anyone on this site putting in or know if any rare livebearers will be in the auction? I don't really have time to drive from Edmonton if there isn't something really worthwhile for me, especially with the Edmonton auction being the following week. Looking for goodeids ( but not Ameca Splendens, orange tailed goodeid or Chapithlys as I have these). Also looking for swordtails (xiphophorous birchmanni, cortezi, nezahuacoyoti) Know the auction will be a good one.
  6. Where To Get Steel Stand?

    People are always giving away or thowing away old gym equipment. You can easily make a nice looking stand out of the bars used for benches ect...
  7. Caoac Convention

    I stumbled on this by chance. Has anyone posted it on the Canadian Aquarium Connection site?
  8. Breather Bags

    I need to ship some small fish. Does anyone know where I can purchase breather bags. I'm in Edmonton.
  9. Ameca Frustration

    Sometimes goodeids stop breeding during the winter. They usual start up again with the renewed sunshine, usually start mating around this time and gestation can be up to 2 months. I have loads of Amecas if you want some. Located near Whyte Ave.
  10. I have two bunches of each...

    If you want them call me at 780-471-6040 or at 719-5808

  11. Got blackworms??

    Do they get them on a regular basis? I haven't seen live worms in years. I would even contemplate the 6 hour return trip to get some.
  12. Xenotoca Eiseni dropped fry tonight

    The larger the fry the smaller the batch. Age/size of female is a big factor also. My older females usually drop in the 30+range.
  13. visiting Edmonton

    If you have any interesting livebeares to trade I could part with 4 juvenile Skiffia Lermae(they are just old enough to determine the sex). They are the offspring of fish I bought at the ACE auction around April, fish were from LTJIGGS of Burlington On
  14. string and or hair algae

    I haven't encountered any problems with Ameca Spendends aggression. If you would like some (free)let me know. Also have vallisneria plants (don't know the sub-species name) for free, they are pretty hardy and aren't bothered by algae. Located near Whyte and Gateway in Edmonton.
  15. Molly?

    I've never heard of aggressive mollies. Did the fish store give you this fact? They certainly couldn't harm cories. Mollies don't even bother their own young.