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  1. Know this is a post is a few years later but I was breeding angels commercially about 25 years ago & I ended up with a trio as well. Two males that both fertilized the eggs the female laid. Kind of interesting.
  2. Those look like all males. Female are not near so colorful. I tried finding females once a long while back. It can be hard to find stores that sell them. Quite often if the tank is full of colorful fish it is all males. I am thinking your top photo is a powder blue male, your next photo is a normal regular colored male. The last one is a flame.
  3. I bred Rams a few years back but I used R.O. water. I agree with biodives' post. It can be fairly easy to keep Rams with a normal pH but I have read in a number of places breeding is another matter. Yet, at the same time perhaps your pair just needs to learn how to raise their fry. False starts are not always a bad thing.
  4. Some Walmarts have big bag of shells in their Arts & Crafts sections. There is a wide variety of sizes in a bag for twelve dollars. I have found the dollar store shells in my area to be a little on the small side. But in the Walmart bag I found lots big enough for my shellies & then some that were even big enough for my N. calvus which are a lot bigger than shellies.
  5. Some Walmarts have shells in the Arts & Crafts section. A big bag for under $12. They are a lot bigger shells than the dollar stores. I actually was able to split my stuff up & come up with some shells that were big enough for my adult N. calvus & had some for my multies. Was a really good deal I figure.
  6. I am from Red Deer. Into dwarf cichlids specifically apistogrammas & looking to hear from others in that sort of thing.