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  1. Goliath Tiger Fish

    260? Holy crap animal world way out in med hat has them for 239. He's got some sabre tooth payora barracuda for 150 that look cool for predator lovers. My favourite last time I went tho was the Archer fish made me wish I had a pond so I could watch me spit bugs outta the air and feast.
  2. Lf: Mature Peacock Bass

    Not sure what part of Sask you might be coming from but Animal world in Medicine Hat has a nice pair of spotted peacock bass right now. If I had to gues smaller one is about 6-8" bigger one 8-10". He has a nice shop if your into predator fish.
  3. How To: Diy Acrylic Tanks

    Found acrylic for tank tops at home depot. Using table saw for cutting may actually be better. I used jigsaw with acrylic blade but even so getting cutting speed right was a trick. Too fast with that thin of a blade and it fused together behind the cut. Too slow and start shaking and breaking.
  4. Co2 Pressure Problem

    Yeah that sounds like a pooched regulator.
  5. Aquarium Rocks

    Had a stone shop next to my work that would get a few slabs double thick occasionally. Same rock same dimensions except 2 1/2" -3" thickness. Three to four times the price because of it.
  6. Snail Id Please!

    Definitely a ramshorn and snails are good in any tank planted or not. Population explosions let you know there's over feeding or algae issues. Decking populations may be indicators of water quality problems or under feeding.
  7. Plecos At It

    Hmmm tank at work and Jason has time to count 198 fry. How do I get that job?
  8. Yeah mine is a little overkill, I can't trim back the floaters too much or I get algae blooms.
  9. http://www.petsandponds.com/en/aquarium-supplies/c378121399/p17686846.html
  10. While looking for a cheap temporary lighting solution for my tank until I build my rack I went with 46w CFLs from Home Depot. For $60 I got more than the plants need.
  11. I know for certain that the two national chain pet stores out here offer a ten day return policy on any fish they sell that happen to perish after leaving the store. Now I have yet to test them on this as none of the fish i've lost since rejoining the hobby a year ago either happened within that first ten days. For that matter when they did pass by the time they were discovered(check my tanks in the morning before I leave for work and feed/clean/maintenance as needed) had almost nothing remaining my fish and inverts don't starve but they aren't over fed either and are usauLly hungry.
  12. I Don't Get This Logic...

    So if I said I planned to place it in a pan full of salt and leave the salt pan on the pavement in plus 30 weather they'd be fine as long as myself or any animal in my house doesn't eat it? Really though the correct answer would have been I'm going to put it in an aquarium and keep it until it dies of natural causes. And there is nothing as natural as a puffer or loach enjoying a snail.
  13. Snails

    With nothing but plant you could remove the bio from filter and cycle alum(spice aisle at any grocery) @ 2 tbsp/gallon.
  14. Celebes Halfbeak Success

    Ok time for an update on these. Decided to pull the babies out of community tank they were born in to prevent them from being eaten. Turned out to be four not three but alas two had to be put down due to scoliosis of the spine. The remaining two continued to feed and grow very quickly. Had put them in a ten gallon I was actually wanting to clean out and rescape for some cpo's if I ca find them this fall. Glad I did as the spixi snails I had in there took the over feeding smorgasbord I was providing and make like rabbits. Went from two I purchased from Vince to 6 and now to over a dozen of them. Hundreds of MTS in there now too. Last weekend I figured at nearly twice the size of the neon tetras I have had for a year now it was time to move the babies back to community tank. Watched them that night for a bit and everything seemed great. Male came around and checked them out and by his behaviour thought my hunch of remaining babies being both females confirmed. Came home next night from work and couldn't find the little buggers. Freak. Fed the tank still no sign of the babies. Resigned myself to thought that Columbian tetras munched em. Two days went by and never saw a sign of baby beaks. Came home Thursday and there hanging out in front of a mass of wysteria was a baby beak. Believe I also spotted the second weaving amongst the mess of greenery. So looks like will be success and might just be wishful thinking and old bad eyes but mom looks to be getting chunky again.
  15. Member's Tanks

    36Gallon Bowfront community with: Fauna: 6 Neon tetras, 2 ottocinlus cats, 4 candy cane tetras, 4 red and blue columbian tetras, 5 glowlight tetra, 1 pristella tetra, 1 lampeye tetra, 3 bloodfin tetras, breeding pair of Celebes Halfbeaks, Breeding pair of "red lazer" Rainbowfish(eggs laid but no fry yet, let them mature little more in community and try again), 2 Red onioon nerite snails, 2 purple mystery snails, 8-12 Ghost shrimp(Paleomonetes sp.), numerous MTS and pond snails. Flora: Scarlett Temple, Anubias Nana, Water wysteria, cryptocoryne Becketti, few small java fern on a 12-14" peice of driftwood,Red Tiger Lotus, and this picture shows a banana plant that has since expired.