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  1. Lf: Mature Peacock Bass

    Hey thanks Vimmer I've actually seen them! They are gorgeous, I'm thinking this summer I will be making a trip down there.
  2. Stingray Pups

    Okay awesome I'll send you a pm with my number I will let you know what happens as we get closer to the weekend.
  3. Lf: Mature Peacock Bass

    On the hunt for some mature peacock bass, not necessarily looking for any specific strain. Open to most, let me know what you have available send pictures / prices if you can. I will be in Calgary April 22/23 and am wanting to take some home the 23rd. Driving from sask, so I'd like to make my trip with it, thanks in advance. Open to other monster fish as well. Key Words: Fluval, Rena, fish, gallon tank, fish tank, cichlid, African cichlid, American cichlid, peacock bass, Arowana, stingray, catfish, salt water, fresh water, monster fish, fx5, fx6, LED, lights, heater, marine land, stand, setup, community
  4. Stingray Pups

    Hey how are the pups doing? Curious if I should be getting my tank up and ready or if the 23rd is too soon? + sand or bare bottom?
  5. Hello From Saskatchewan

    Hellloo where in Sask? There's a few of us on the forums, I'm from Melfort.
  6. Stingray Pups

    What sexes are the remaining 4? If I were to get a deal I would possibly clear them out for you.. Or even if I waited till the next batch.
  7. Stingray Pups

    How long until they are typically ready? How many do you have at this point?
  8. Stingray Pups

    Hey no I am open to travel, I am coming into both Calgary / Edmonton the 22nd / 23rd this month. How many do you have? Prices? Males / females? Sizes? Oh and if we can find a way to get pictures.
  9. Stingray Pups

    Hey everyone! Curious to see if any one has stingrays prefer ably pups. Want see what's out there looking for my first pair.
  10. Dats or P-bass pictures lets see them

    Where do you get yours from?
  11. My New Xb

    Would be interested to see the growth as well!
  12. Dats or P-bass pictures lets see them

    Does anyone still have their Pbass? They are on my dream list!
  13. My Snakeheads !

    Beautiful fish, where did you get your hands on these? Seeing they are now banned in Alberta I wonder if there's any sources in Sask.