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  1. Ordering Cichlids Online?

    Spencer's prices are not too bad compared to any LFS I've been to. And shipping through him is way cheaper than any other place I've ordered from, but if you're still worried then do a group order and split the shipping up.What are you looking for? It might help to do a wanted ad and see if someone has what you want.
  2. Frontosa Holding

    Congrats!! Mine ate 0.5 mm for the first few weeks,they grow like weeds for the first year!!
  3. Fry Tank

    Are you keeping only cyp fry in this tank? If so I wouldn't seperate them. My fry did a lot better when there were lots of them together (50+). They school in the thousands in the wild so that's how they're most comfortable.
  4. If you shine a flashlight on the side shell in the dark, you might be able to see some fry movement inside the shell. They're pretty tiny fry!! The female will start coming out for a quick bite of food at feeding time once the fry start moving around. Also a word of caution: careful where you put your hands when you're doing a water change or rearranging inside the tank, if you get too close to the shell your hand will get attacked!!
  5. Water Capacity

    Wow, I don't know how you guys keep up with that many tanks!!! I've found a pretty good balance at 5!! (440 G)
  6. Feeder Fish For Africans

    IMO it's not worth the hassle. Choose a good quality food and your fish will get all the nutrition they need. If you end up getting some julies the comps will eat some of their fry.
  7. Tanganyikan Tank Suggestions

    What's the footprint of the tank? (3 or 4'?) Frontosa are awsome, but unless you have a 6'+ tank I'd stay away from mixing them with smaller fish. You'll regret it. The tretocephalus would be a much better addition to your tank than a front. A small group of cyprichromis would be a great substitute for the danios if you're going for a tang community. A personal must for a tang tank though is a group of synodontis luccipinnis, they add a lot of life and character to the tank.
  8. Floating Frontosa?

    There are also many threads on treating your front that floats on cyphos.com. It's an excellent site for frontosa lovers:)
  9. Frontosa Getting Bigger

    Looking good!! Whats the collection point?
  10. What Are You Actively Trying To Breed?

    I think you should give (L 75) hemiancistrus sabaji a try. Really cool looking pleco, and from what I've read they produce alot of fry. Currently breeding: Tropheus Moori Kasanga Cyprichromis microlepidotus bulu pt. Callochromis pleurospillus "flame rainbow" Albino Bn pleco Coming soon:) Super red bn pleco L 260 queen arabesque ......
  11. What are you looking for? Fairdeal's right close to you and probably has most of what you need.(And he's a site sponsor)
  12. Tropheus Death

    Can you tell us more about the tank? Size? Tankmates? How long the tanks been running? What your feeding ?

    Congrats!!! Beautiful little girl :thumbs:
  14. A Couple Of L046 Hanging Out Under Filter

    Very cool! How many do you have?
  15. A Couple Of L046 Hanging Out Under Filter

    Use photobucket. Copy and paste the URL of the photo (the IMG one). Super easy. Excited to see some pics, they're definitely on my wish list!