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  1. Request & Reply Line

    Hi Harold! Will you be bringing in any rays anytime soon?
  2. Lf Geismann T5Ho Bulbs In Calgary

    Hi! Picked a pink tube from Gold's just last week. Give them a shout.
  3. Curtis that is an AMAZING L25. I can't believe how red the tail is. Make sure to pump him up for me. Will look amazing once it gets to monster size. Surprised you dont have a nice L600 in the mix!
  4. Bucktooth Tetra Pics

    Beautiful tank and exodons! Looks like you're doing everything right: having them in a group and then putting them in a planted tank. Perfect biotope with the sand and planted tank. Looks like your filtration is sufficient and I believe these guys don't require crazy flow like african tigers fish, a larger characidae. How many did you end up getting?
  5. Hello From A Cichlid Newbie

    Welcome and very nice setup. You have a very keen eye on aquascaping. Can't go wrong with cichlids! What's your favorite fish? Mind sharing your filtration on the bad boy? Any plans to upgrade later down the line? I for one can't stand the look of cloudy water.
  6. Cool keep us posted! Shrimps look so good with this substrate.
  7. My 75 With Plants And Angles

    you might want to scrub your algae off. water so cloudy.
  8. L Shape Tank In Progress

    Thanks! It's gonna be 600 gals total. Wow! That's incredible. My wife gives me dirty looks when I talk about a 120 Haha ty again. Can't wait to get it up and running. Keep on trying! You never know!
  9. L Shape Tank In Progress

    Thanks! It's gonna be 600 gals total.
  10. L Shape Tank In Progress

    Hi guys, Just wanted to share some photos of my soon to be L shape tank. Took a while to get this up, but i'm finally almost done with it. Not really good at DIY posts or anything so i'm doing an relatively late update. The tank will be filtered using a large bio reactor, Ultima II 4k, on a 8500 gph pump. Not sure what I will be stocking the tank with but I'm hoping some stingrays down the road. I'd love to hear any suggestions. Anyways here she is; sorry about the mess was doing my pre-plumbing. Hope to have water in it by the end of the month.
  11. I've dumped in some my ADA aquasoil in my Discus tank after getting advice from Norm (Pisces) that he's done it many times. Many ppl have commented on the release of ammonia when adding ADA to atank. I did indeed have a huge spike in Ammonia and a very cloudy tank for days but I didn't loose any fish. Water cleared up real nice and it's doing great now. With that being said, I'm not too sure I would recommend just adding ADA with inverts as they are super sensitive. I would recommend either cycling the soil in a seperate tank/bucket or taking out the little fellas into a qt tank and doing a dry start. If i had time I would do a dry restart because you'll be able to plant a lot easier and you wont cloud up your water. Best of luck!
  12. Lil Help Pls:d

    Please keep us updated!
  13. Lil Help Pls:d

    Hey Jeff! Fronts will sometimes angle themselves when confronted with another aggressive tank mate as a sign of submission. You did mention that they have been a little aggressive towards each other so i'm only basing it on that. You can try to diffuse the aggression by creating more caves/territory or by adding more females so that the alpha isn't always picking on the female. Personally,I would also monitor for float illness; I do know that some people say that 'pims are more predisposed for this illness. Haha that means no more floating pellets! Unfortunately if there is a onset of float, there isn't much you can do unless you want to try to draw the air out with a syringe. Looks like you got everything down and it's great that you're taking some precautions before things get bad. Also, I'd check to see if if they are "regular" to rule out bloat and parasites. Atleast everyone is eating so I usually take that as a good sign! Lastly, for the bumps and bruises, I know lots of hobbyist use melafix; I use mine on my discus when the get spooked and scrapped up.
  14. What s/a or c/a cichlids do you keep?

    -4 Kelberi Pbass -9 Discus
  15. Manacapuru Angelfish

    Nice catch! Never kept angels but certainly tempted to now. What are you planning to feed them?